Ziglint D5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

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ZIGLINT D5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

If you’ve already tried a robot vacuum and have been frustrated by the random cleaning action or the noisiness of the motor then why not check out this Ziglint D5 Review to see how you can solve both of these issues and at a very good price.

With room mapping capability this robot vacuum will clean the whole floor efficiently while avoiding the furniture and you can control it from your phone.

If you hate vacuuming, then you’ll love the fact that a robot can do it for you.


This Ziglint D5 is designed in a similar way to many robot vacuums. It’s circular in shape with a diameter of 12.6 inches. This is a pretty average size for these style of vacuums. If you’re worried how a circular vacuum gets into corners or cleans edges then you will be pleased to know that it also has 2 of the little spinning brushes, one on each side to get into those difficult areas.

Some feel that D shaped robot vacuums can handle edges better because of the straight edge at the front but they still tend to have spinning side brushes too.

The Ziglint vacuum only comes in black and it only has 1 button on the top to start it cleaning manually. There is a remote included for more control and you can also use the Ziglint app if you connect to wi-fi. If you want the smart option with voice control that is available too using an Alexa or Google Home device.

“It is less than 3 inches in height (2.9 inches) which is great for getting under your furniture without getting stuck.”

This robot vacuum can cope with all floor types and it has no problem moving from hard floors to carpets or over door sills as long as they are not over 0.59 inches high. Most people have a mix of floor coverings whether you have fitted carpets or rugs with hard floors so having the ability to clean all of it is a necessity.

The dustbin is located in the side of the main unit and is a reasonable size of 600ml which should let you clean the whole floor without having to empty it half way through. It comes with a docking unit which is plugged into the electric to charge up your vacuum.


A robot vacuum works in a similar way to a standard vacuum by creating a suction, then using a rotating brush to sweep up the dirt, debris and hair into it. The good thing is you don’t have any cable attached to it and you don’t have to push it backwards and forwards yourself. With a maximum suction power of 1800Pa it manages to pick up pet hair as well as other dirt.

This D5 has 4 cleaning modes although 1 of these is a timing mode which lets you set a cleaning schedule to automatically vacuum your home on a daily basis. The other 3 modes are the basic options available on most robot vacuums which are automatic, spot clean and edge clean.

Automatic is the standard cleaning mode which cleans the whole area that is available for the vacuum to access. Spot clean is where you place the vacuum or manoeuvre it to the centre of a spill and it will clean in a spiral pattern outwards in a small area. The edge clean will send the vacuum to the wall and it will follow the edge around the room so if you feel the edges haven’t been cleaned sufficiently you can remedy that. Your robot will automatically clean the whole room but you can select any of the other modes if required.

All the dirt works its way through 2 filters into the dustbin which slides into the side of the main unit. It’s very easy to remove to empty. One of the filters is a washable sponge filter, the other is a hepa filter which can trap particles small enough to cover most of the common allergens that people can suffer from.

“It’s a quiet robot vacuum with a noise level of around 60db which is classed as quiet because you can still carry on a conversation while it is running.”

How it works

The sensors in the Ziglint robot vacuum will help it identify furniture so that it doesn’t smash into anything but gently bump it and move around it. It also has drop sensors so that if it notices no floor underneath it will recognise it as a step and move away from it. This lets you vacuum the second floor without worry about it falling down the stairs.

One of the issues with a drop sensor is that it can cause problems with dark floors or black line patterns on carpets, because it thinks the dark parts are steps and it won’t pass them. This is just worth noting, if you have particularly dark floors or carpets, it may not want to work correctly.

ziglint d5 robot vacuum

The main sensor on this vacuum is the gyroscope sensor which is used to identify the shape of the room and decides the route your robot will take to clean the whole area. It can also keep track of where your vacuum is at so that if it needs to recharge its batteries it will resume where it stopped cleaning to finish the job.

The controls are pretty simple, you can just press the start button on the top, tell it to go and clean using voice control(presuming you have a voice device to link to). What many people do is set a cleaning schedule which you can do using the Ziglint D5 app or the remote and then you only have to keep the floors clear of items that might get caught up in your vacuum and also remember to empty the dustbin after use.

To use the app you need to have 2.4G wi-fi, it will not connect to 5g. The app will show the room map which is created in real time and show the cleaning route. Use it to start your D5 cleaning, or use the manual control so that you can move it with arrow keys to a specific area. The cleaning is all automatic with the sensors mapping the cleaning path that will cover the whole floor area. You can be sure that it will move backwards and forwards over the floor till it has vacuumed it all.

“If you have a large area to clean then the vacuum may have to go for a recharge if it can’t finish the floor in the 120 minutes cleaning time that it has.”

If by any chance this is necessary the robot will return to the docking unit, get charged up over the next few hours then carry on where it left off to finish its job. In 120 minutes it can cover 4300 square feet of floorspace if it is hard flooring but if you have carpet or a mixture then more battery power will be required so you will get less cleaned before a recharge is needed.

What this doesn’t include is a virtual wall option, whether using the map or magnetic tape, so you would need to be aware of any areas that might cause your robot to get stuck or you don’t want to have vacuumed, so that you can create your own barrier if required. You can use a piece of furniture or some books to block areas, as these will be too high for the Ziglint D5 robot vacuum to get over.

There is little maintenance required other than emptying the dustbin and keeping the filters clean. You will need to keep a check on the wheels and brushes in case they get anything tangled up in them and keep them free of hair but that shouldn’t take too much of your time.


The product is well priced for a robot vacuum that offers room mapping.  If you’re looking for a cheap circular vacuum cleaner with an efficient floor cleaning pattern this is worth checking out. Buying from a supplier like Amazon.com means that you have not problem returning it if it doesn’t work on your floors the way you expect.

If you would prefer to buy a more well known brand with similar features you could look at the Neato brand which uses laser room mapping and has a range of models at different price ranges.



Gyroscope sensor for room mapping

No barriers available to protect areas

Low price


Works with Alexa and Google


600ml dustbin


Hepa filter


Customer Opinion

Although there aren’t lots of Ziglint D5 reviews for this product there is a positive feel about the ones there. Buyers are liking the quietness of the Ziglint D5 and don’t find it intrusive when in use. They also find it cleans efficiently and is very easy to work and maintain. It has got a decent sized dustbin which reduces the amount of times required to empty it but mostly they like the price.

There have been some buyers having problems with the robot vacuum finding the dock and some people had issues with it not cleaning areas in their home. It makes sense with this type of product to make sure that you can easily return it from the vendor if there are any issues.


If you don’t mind giving newer products a try then this Ziglint D5 robot vacuum cleaner is worth considering. It’s reasonably priced with a few good features like the room mapping. It gives a better more structured clean rather than random cleaning, which is not normally offered on robot vacuums less than $200. This cleaner can resume vacuuming if it runs out of charge which is also useful to make sure the whole floor gets covered every time.

The problem with lesser known brands is getting hold of accessories like filters and brushes which can put people off. If you prefer more access to parts you may have to shop around for similar features at this kind of price. Shark robot vacuums are reasonably priced without the room mapping, Neato robot vacuums offer mapping but are higher priced.

Ziglint D5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

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3 thoughts on “Ziglint D5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review”

  1. I own A D5 & it says chargin’ & work begins but, it doesn’t leave the chargin’ station. Can U help me out, Please? I tried 2 contact them but they told me that it would cost me more money 2 speak with them 2 resolve the issue.

    1. Have you tried resetting it? I don’t own a Ziglint so I’m as in the dark as you. You can ask for help on the amazon questions if you don’t know how to do it or if it doesn’t tell you in the manual. Don’t forget if you bought it from Amazon you can return it within 30 days. Hope you get it resolved.

    2. I had the same exact issued. You just need a bright new battery. I purchased my un Amazon and the process is relatively simple. Just make sure you order the exact battery type by removing the original and getting the right name/battery type for it.

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