What To Look For In the Best Smart Vacuums

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You’ve finally decided that enough is enough, and you want to bring the war with your conventional vacuum to an end. Your relationship with this appliance has officially reached a point where you want to suck it up with a bigger model, but they tend to make more of a mess than anything else. More specifically, you’ve discovered there are some of the best smart vacuums out there that don’t need your constant support and guidance. That’s right, this is your opportunity to get rid of that needy and conventional vacuum that just doesn’t want to function if you don’t take the lead.

But what’s stopping you?

Well, if you haven’t paid attention to the development of smart robot vacuums, be prepared to feel a little overwhelmed. This is because there are several models out there, ready for you to check out and try inside your home.

So, what exactly are you looking for? Should you value cost over quality? And what do the best smart home robot vacuums cover exactly?

This quick guide is going to introduce to the world of smart vacuums and what you should be paying attention to. And by the time you reach the end, you’ll know how to scout through all the great models. Also, take note that these buying tips are not in a specific order. It’s up to you to prioritize what’s more important and what type of smart robot vacuum will work best for your specific situation.

Works with Alexa

For most people building up their smart homes, automation and voice control is usually the main desire, so having a robot vacuum that can work with Alexa or Google assistant is usually a requirement. The best smart vacuum will have wi-fi and app control to give you that connection with a voice assistant. If you want to send your vacuum off to clean from the comfort of your seat, once it’s all set up, you will just need to ask.

Low-Noise Operation

If you live in a house where the neighbors aren’t just separated by a wall, the noise factor of the vacuum you use can become an issue. Heck, even you can get irritated if you hear a ringing noise every time you switch off the damn thing. And it doesn’t help that you have to be right next to it the whole time and every step of the way.

Most robot vacuum cleaners are designed to operate at a very low noise level, although you want to remain cautious when this is only based on the marketing strategy of the developer. Check out user reviews and see whether specific models you like have problems in terms of noise.

In fact, for all the other things mentioned in this guide, the user reviews can be very helpful.

The Surface Area It Can Cover

Moving on, it is very important to look at how much surface these smart home robot vacuums will cover, and this can be defined in many ways. So, these are some of the attributes you’ll be looking for in a quality robot vacuum.

– Can it get underneath the furniture?

One of the first things you’ll notice about robot vacuums will be the flat design. This is specifically for getting underneath challenging areas like the couch or bed. However, some are sleeker than others, so measure how big your robot vacuum should be if you want it to get underneath the couch.

– Corners and small spaces

The overall design will influence many things, including the best smart home robot vacuum’s ability to get into corners and other small spaces.

– The type of surfaces it can be used on

Of course, you want to be sure the robot vacuum is capable of cleaning the specific floors you have in your home or apartment. Otherwise, you are going to be very disappointed, even if you are using one of the best models.

How Efficiently It Cleans

It’s one thing to have a robot vacuum taking care of dust and pet hair all by itself, but there is the matter of how effectively they will accomplish this task.

At this point, you are forced to look at the quality of the model, as well as how it plans on substituting the power found in conventional vacuums.

Control Options

This is the part that really gets people excited because the idea of vacuuming the house while sitting at work is more than just a little lucrative.

Of course, the price you are willing to pay and the time you take in searching for the best robot vacuums will determine the control options you ultimately get.

Can you use your smartphone or has the adjustments be made on the robot vacuum? These are factors only you can decide at the end of the day.

Special Features

Yes, on top of being able to navigate your floors and taking over a chore you’ve hated since childhood, some models will come with special features. Maybe they have special timers or they can operate via voice control, there is no telling what you will come across.

Overall Design Quality

Ultimately, you get what you pay for. But that has already been covered. The other design quality you want to look out for is durability. How long can you expect your little robot friend to keep the house clean while you sleep in?

Is It User-Friendly And Easy To Clean?

For the most part, you’ll have to do a little maintenance and ensure the smart robot vacuum for your home stays clean and efficient. This is why you want to get a model that is user-friendly and explains everything you need to know about it.

For example, should it be cleaned out and when? Where can you use it and what should you avoid? Clear instructions on how to use it the most effective way will definitely help to sustain your late-morning routines.

Good Reviews

Lastly, always read a few honest reviews before you make a final decision. And if possible, consider the situations the reviews are coming from. For example, did somebody use it on a surface it shouldn’t have been used on, and they didn’t get the results they wanted? Sometimes, it will only be one faulty model out of thousands.

It never hurts to do some deeper research once you get a short-list of the best smart vacuums. And you’ll be glad you did once your robot buddy starts keeping your floors clean.

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