Welcome The New iRobot Roomba i7+ With Automatic Emptying Clean Base

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Check out the new iRobot release the iRobot Roomba i7+. If you love the latest gadgets you’re going to enjoy the newest robot vacuum to hit the market.

It never ceases to amaze me what they can come up with to improve the latest versions but I never thought about having the ability to be able to empty my robot vacuum automatically.

There are other features that have been added and improved. Check it out here

New Features

Clean Base

The main noticeable update on the new Roomba i7+ is the docking unit or Clean Base. This unit has incorporated into it a small upright vacuum which will suck the dirt out of your Roomba as it returns to dock. You might think this is a bit of overkill as it’s not too hard to remove the dust bin and empty it each day, but if you forget your Roomba could find itself stopping because it’s too full to carry on and that days cleaning is held up. No longer a problem! You can literally set and forget with this new vacuum and it will store within the new Clean Base around 30 dustbins worth of dirt into a disposable dust bag.

Individual Room Mapping

The Roomba i7+ can map your rooms using their Patented iAdapt 3.0 Navigation with vSLAM technology. Now you can already get room mapping with the Roomba 980 and the Roomba 960 so what’s so new about that?

The improvement in this new robot vacuum means that it will not only map your room but unlike other vacuums will remember the mapping for next time. This means it can remember individual rooms and clean them in the most efficient timely manner but once you have identified and labelled each room you will also be able to have a more useful cleaning schedule.

You will be able to set it to clean your main living areas on a daily basis and your bedroom once a week or a schedule that suits your home. It can also remember up to 10 different floor plans so it will work on different levels of your home. The Roomba i7+ supports Alexa and Google Home so in terms of voice commands you should be able to now ask it to clean your kitchen or your living room and it should be able to go and do just that. Neat!

Improved cleaning sensors

To get the best clean for your floors the i7 still uses the 3 stage cleaning system with 2 multi surface rubber brushes underneath. On the Roomba 980 you have a dirt detect sensor which can identify if there is an area with more dirt than normal and it will clean over it a couple of times but the sensors on this new Roomba are a little more sophisticated. These sensors aren’t just trying to detect dirt but to identify the different types of dirt so it can custom the cleaning accordingly. There is an acoustic sensor which listens for the sound of sand and dirt which can tell the Roomba i7 to clean more till it is cleared while the optical sensors included can detect pet hair and fur balls to identify that it needs more suction and it will comply with that.

Roomba i7+ Price

This new robot vacuum is available from September 12th 2018 and if you don’t mind paying a premium price for the latest gadgets you won’t be surprised that it’s starting price is just under $950.

They have made it a bit more available for people by offering it with a basic docking station for just under $700 with the Cleaning base being available separately at just under $300 so you can buy it later.

Unfortunately the new base is not compatible with standard Roomba vacuums.

It’s not been listed on Amazon.com just yet but it is available for pre-orders here.

I will update with a full review when it has been released.

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