Shark Robot Cleaning System S87 with Hand Vacuum Review

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Have you ever wanted a robot vacuum but were put off because you would still have to get out your standard vacuum to do the stairs?

Well Shark have found a way to help with this by creating a robot vacuum and a hand vacuum that can be charged on the same docking unit so that you have all of the vacuuming tools you need to clean your house in one unit.


The RV851WV robot vacuum is circular in shape like many robot vacuums. As circular units can’t get into corners they tend to be designed with spinning side brushes to tackle that problem.

The size of the robot is 12.8 x 12.5 x 3.4 inches making it slightly slimmer than the Roomba 690 which is 3.6 inches in height. This allows it to get underneath items of your furniture that have around a 4 inch clearance so if your sofa is heavy to move this can cut down on the dust that can gather underneath.

It has large enough wheels to move between different floor types or over thresholds without issue. Although it can work with Alexa and with your smartphone using the Shark app there are some buttons on the top of the vacuum so you can manually send it to clean. It has a large capacity for dirt collection holding 0.66 dry quarts of dirt.

Shark ION Cord-Free Handheld Vacuum

For many people the problem with a robot vacuum is that they can only clean flat surfaces and can only climb over the threshold or onto carpets but aren’t capable of doing stairs or getting into all tiny crevices.

If you hate having to get out your manual vacuum cleaner to deal with the stairs then Shark have got it covered with the new Shark ION Cord-Free Handheld Vacuum that sits on the same docking unit as the robot vacuum and charges alongside it.

It’s light in weight at only 1.4lbs so you can whizz around those difficult areas in no time and it will always be charged and ready when you are. This is a great tool for cleaning your couch and it comes with some attachments like a crevice tool to get into the tight spots and a dusting brush to clean the top of the base boards.


The robot vacuum is more powerful than the previous version RV750. It’s got 3 x more suction when using the new max mode so that it can handle carpets and pet hair more efficiently. There are 2 cleaning modes, the manual/normal mode which is automatically selected when you start your robot and the max power which you will need to select. In S87 reviews people have found it to be a little bit louder than standard mode and it will use up your battery a little bit quicker.

You won’t need the extra suction if you have hardwood or vinyl flooring as that is easier for any vacuum to handle but if you have a carpeted floor it will be invaluable for picking up pet hair and any other debris that get’s trapped in there.


If you always carry your smartphone with you then controlling the Shark robot vacuum will be simple. The robot links to your wifi and the Shark app so that you can control it with your phone. Don’t worry if you don’t want to set it up on wifi because it has got manual control buttons on the top of the main unit to allow you to send it to clean or return it home to the docking unit.

If you just want a setup where you can ask your vacuum to go and clean, then you only need a voice device like an Amazon dot or Google assistant to link your robot vacuum. Now you are ready to go with cleaning on demand whenever you ask for it.

You can use the app to start cleaning your floors from wherever you are by pressing the clean button on the screen, but if you want to make it more automatic then you can set a daily schedule at a time to suit yourself so that you don’t have to think about vacuuming the floors, just check the results.

This can work if you’re in the house or not, just make sure there isn’t stuff on the floors that might cause your robot an issue if you’re not there to sort it out. The app is straightforward to setup with lots of instructions leading you through each step. If you want to name your little robot you can using the app to do it and you can keep track if it is running out of charge as it goes along doing it’s job.

If you want it to clean on max mode select it through the app and if by any chance this little gadget gets itself lost or stuck somewhere reviews have shown that the find option makes the robot beep so you can locate it.


The Shark Ion RV851WV uses 2 spinning side brushes and a self-cleaning brushroll underneath to sweep the dirt, hair and debris from the floor into the suction through the filter and deposits it into the internal dustbin.

There is an automatic cleaning mode that the robot vacuum will use but you have got the option to use a Max mode if you want extra suction, especially useful on carpets or dirty areas.

The Shark robot vacuum is not overly noisy when in the automatic cleaning mode and a little more noisy in the Max mode but not any more than a standard vacuum cleaner would sound like.

The sensors let the unit know where objects are located like the sofa or walls. On the front of the robot is a sensitive bump sensor to stop the robot crashing into your furniture and the drop sensors on the bottom stop it falling down the stairs.

If there are areas you don’t want your vacuum to go whether it is where most of your electrical cords are situated or areas it might get stuck you can use the Botboundary strip that is included which repels the robot and protects areas you might prefer to clean with the handheld cleaner.


Although this is the latest Shark robot vacuum, if you were hoping it would have full room mapping you will be disappointed. I think that option would really have made this robot vacuum a contender with the top rated robot vacuums.  Although it offers more suction than it’s previous version the RV750 it still has a random mapping function that just moves direction when it encounters a barrier and over time it cleans the majority of the floor area.

It doesn’t follow any kind of map and the movements are random so over days it should cover the whole floor area. This isn’t the most efficient way of cleaning the floor as it may cover some areas more than others but it still cleans the floor in a very effective way.

The downside of random cleaning is the fact that the robot will only clean for the length of time that the battery lasts, in this case around 60 minutes, and although it will go back to the dock to recharge itself it doesn’t have the sensors to identify it’s location so it can’t carry on cleaning afterwards unless you send it to clean again.

If you were hoping to get a robot vacuum that can map the area it has to clean so it can carry on if it runs out of charge, very useful for larger homes, then you might need to consider a Roomba 980, 960 or the new Roomba I7+, a Neato from the D80 to the D7 as they all have laser room mapping.

Battery life

The Shark S87 does have 1 hour’s worth of cleaning time to get around your home, this might not be the best if you have a large floorspace to clean but will probably be fine for the average family home.

The robot vacuum comes with a docking unit, which needs to be set up in an area with a bit of space around it to let the vacuum have enough room to get itself onto the charging points.

The hand held vacuum is located in the top of the docking unit so it can charge at the same time.

It takes about 3 hours to recharge the battery fully, then it is able to go and clean again if you need it to.

If you want to clean an area quickly then close the doors to the room or split the room with the boundary strip to get a faster clean if you have a large floor area.

Larger dustbin

There isn’t a lot of maintenance required with a robot vacuum but you will need to remember to empty the dustbin regularly. If you have your vacuum set to clean daily then emptying your bin daily is a good habit to get into although you will find this Shark has a larger dustbin than the previous model so can hold more dirt and might need less emptying.

Some people feel that this is still too much maintenance compared to a standard vacuum cleaner as you don’t normally empty that every time you use it, but it only takes a minute to remove the bin and empty it and in my mind that’s a small price to pay so I don’t have to clean my own floors.

If it really bothers you, check out the Roomba i7+ which can do the emptying automatically.

While emptying the bin you can also tap out the filter as it isn’t washable. This will keep a good suction and continue to collect dust.

If you check underneath the robot after replacing the bin you can make sure there is nothing wrapped around the wheels or clogging up the brush then you are good to go the next time.

The hand held vacuum has one touch emptying, just make sure you are over your rubbish bin and it’s so easy. You can also see how much dirt has accumulated as it has a clear dust container.

If your Shark RV851WV starts to look a bit dusty you can just wipe it clean with a cloth and wipe over the sensors underneath while you’re at it. Pretty quick and easy maintenance.


There are an extra 2 side brushes for your vacuum included in the box. Extra filters and brushes are readily available if you need to buy them at any time from Amazon or Shark.

Shark S87 Price

If you are worried that buying this double vacuum cleaner set is going to set you back a fortune then you might be pleasantly surprised that it is priced at under $500 so at a middle range.

The price is reasonable considering that it doesn’t offer full room mapping but focuses more on offering the flexibility of cleaning all areas with a hand held or robot vacuum.

Hand held vacuum Random cleaning
Max mode 3 x stronger than R750 Can’t carry on cleaning after recharge
Larger dust bin
1 docking unit charges both items
Works with Alexa

Customer Opinion of the Shark Ion RV851WV

As this is a new version you will find that customer reviews are limited at the moment from people that have actually purchased the item and not received a free unit for review.
People who have used it are loving the cordless hand vacuum that can stay charged on the dock ready for use whenever required.

They also find that although the robot vacuum can clean well and the larger dirt bin is useful it is a bit disappointing in the lack of features you would expect in a newer version of a robot vacuum.

Even basic functions like the spot clean or edge clean have been removed which is usually there in cheaper robots.

They certainly missed a chance in my opinion for bringing out more updated mapping features on the robot vacuum which most brands are moving towards, this would have made it a much better option along with the cleaning wand addition.


I have to say in my personal opinion the addition of the hand held vacuum is a great idea and the design makes it very usable around the house. I like the fact that the Shark RV851WV robot vacuum offers more suction which makes it a good choice if you have a carpeted area and a larger dust bin means less emptying but I would have liked to see more improvement in the robot vacuum as that is the main attraction and customers want to buy the latest technology.

There is voice and app control which allows use in smart homes but the cleaning logic is similar to cheaper versions which lets it down. Although the price is under $500 if the hand held vacuum isn’t important you can buy the SHARK ION Robot Vacuum R85  which is the updated robot vacuum without the hand vacuum for less money if that is important to you.

These Shark Vacuums aren’t for you if you want more up to date technology, which is more efficient at giving a thorough clean. Brands like Neato, Samsung and even iRobot are offering longer cleaning times and laser or camera mapping for a similar price.

If the price is in your range and you don’t care how your vacuum cleans as long as you can program it or voice control it then this cleaning set is a good choice for you. If you don’t have a large floor area or are able to close off rooms you would get a good clean with this robot vacuum within it’s cleaning time and the hand held is a clever addition.

Shark Robot Cleaning System S87 with Hand Vacuum Review

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