Shark Ion Robot 750 – Pros and Cons

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Shark Ion Robot 750
Shark Ion Robot 750

A lot of people have started looking for a robotic vacuum cleaner because they need help with some of the daily tasks that have to be done. Most people can’t afford help in the home but a robot vacuum can usually be scheduled to clean on a daily basis which means you don’t have to. The Shark Ion Robot 750 offers an alternative to the more basic iRobot Roomba vacuums and if you want a more information checkout our comparison, roomba vs shark.

We’re going to give you an overview of the Shark Ion Robot vacuum and a list of pros and cons so you can decide if it might be suitable for your home.

Find out more about the Shark Ion Robot 750 if you’re looking for an alternative to a Roomba with Alexa capability.

Shark Ion Robot 750 Overview

The Shark 750 offers a cheaper option of a robot vacuum which can be controlled via an app and be compatible with Alexa. The Shark is 12.6 inches in diameter and only 2.6 inches high so it can go under furniture if it has a gap large enough. It has a lithium ion battery which can give around an hour of cleaning time before it will return to the dock automatically to re-charge itself ready for next time.

The docking unit needs to be set up in an open area that gives the robot vacuum space to manoeuvre onto it. The Shark has a dust bin that fits into the side of the vacuum. The filters fit inside the bin and blocks particles of dust getting back into the air. When you empty the bin you should tap the excess dust that has built up off the filter before putting everything back.

There isn’t too much maintenance, just empty the bin and tap off the filters. Check that there is no hair on the brush or anything around the wheels.  If you do that after each cleaning session you shouldn’t have any problems with the suction strength. Check out our pros and cons below.


Wifi App control, works with Alexa

The most helpful part in my opinion about a robot vacuum is the ability to set up a cleaning schedule so that it can clean when you’re in or not and you don’t have to think about it. If you like the idea of controlling everything via an app on your phone then this Shark Ion Robot can do that for you. Although you have some control buttons on top of the robot you can use the app to set your vacuum to clean from wherever you are. You can also send it back to the dock or do spot cleaning. You can also set it up to ask Alexa to send it to clean if you have the Amazon Echo. You can set the schedule to a specific time each day if you wish or as many days of the week that you need and check on the app if it has completed the task.

Cleaning capability

The Shark has a triple brush system, 2 spinning side brushes so that it can get into corners and edges of the floor and underneath the main unit is a rotary brush which can handle all kinds of hair and dirt on carpets and hard floors. The design of the brush stops long hair from tangling around it making it easier to maintain. It cleans for around 60 minutes using the on board sensors to identify objects in it’s path then it will turn around and move off into a different direction.

It has cliff sensors included so that it won’t fall down stairs or off a step. It will clean your rooms continuously until it runs out of charge or it feels it has completed the whole area. You also have the option of a spot clean function to clean up spills. Place the Shark 750 in the centre of the spill and it will clean in a spiral pattern in a 3-4 foot circle.

Magnetic Tape

Even the best robot vacuums can knock or push bits of furniture or light objects and if they are the kind that will fall over you can stop the Shark Ion Robot 750 from going close by using the magnetic tape included. You can use it to contain it in one room by laying it across the entrance, this allows you or your pets to pass through but not the robot vacuum. You can close off the area with pet food and water or even stop it from going too close to your pets beds so they have a place they feel safe from it.


Random Cleaning Pattern

Like many of the lower cost robot vacuums the way the cleaning is done is quite random. You have to be aware that your Shark won’t clean the way you would, it will go in a straight line till it detects an object then move away till the next object etc. Over the course of the hour of cleaning it will cover most if not all of your floor. It doesn’t repeat the same pattern so anything missed on one run should be picked up on the next.

Wifi connection

A few customers have had problems with the wifi connection not staying connected. It’s not noticeable unless you check the app and see it hasn’t cleaned on schedule. It is suggested to delete the robot and re-install it but that doesn’t always work and you have to do it often. It doesn’t stop the robot from working but you can’t run it on schedule.

Customer Support

People have found it difficult to get help from customer support. They find that when they get them on the phone they tend to get put on hold or transferred a lot and even just cut off. When they do get someone to talk to they can’t seem to sort the problems.


This Shark Ion Robot 750 is getting some good reviews on and as an alternative to other vacuums like the Roomba 690 it can hold it’s own. Although it has some cons it’s good features seem to make up for them. If you’re looking for a robot vacuum on the cheaper end that can clean up well then click the link below for more information.

Check out the product page of the Shark Ion Robot 750 at

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