Shark ION ROBOT 750 Connected Robotic Vacuum, RV750

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Shark ion robot 750

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If you have been looking to buy a robot vacuum then why not take a look at this
Shark ION ROBOT 750 Connected Robotic Vacuum RV750.
It’s a new version to the market which incorporates wifi control via an app and you can also sync to Alexa if you want some hands free control.


Shark are a well known vacuum manufacturer, but more well known for standard vacuum cleaners. If you want a bit of help cleaning up your floors then why not check out this Shark robot vacuum. It’s not going to empty your bank account but it has enough features to be a very useful home help.

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Shark ION ROBOT 750 Review

The Shark 750 is designed in a circular shape with a diameter of 12.6 inches which is around the standard size used in robot vacuums. If you were looking for a vacuum with a low profile to fit under your large pieces of furniture then you will find that this Shark is slimmer than a standard Roomba 690, being only 2.6 inches high so it should fit under gaps of around 3 inches or higher.

What can your Shark Clean

For the majority of people they are looking for a robot vacuum that will work on any type of floor so that they don’t have to worry about whether they have mats, carpeted rooms or hardwood floors. No-one wants a machine that will only work on parts of their home. The good thing about the Shark 750 is the fact it can work on all floor types, it doesn’t have any specific extra power if your floors are extra dirty but the automatic mode is strong enough to pick up all kinds of dirt, including pet hair.

If you find that your pet’s hair leaves your floors with dust bunnies if you’re not vacuuming on a daily basis you will find a benefit to having a robot vacuum that can be scheduled to clean every day.

Although the vacuum doesn’t have a dirt detect function that identifies a dirtier area requiring more cleaning it does have a spot clean so if you know you have a dirtier area or you spill something you can place your vacuum in the middle of that area and it will spiral out for around 3 feet and clean just that area.

The Shark will automatically go to clean your floor without you needing to direct it but you will find that there isn’t a specific direction that it follows. There are sensors which identify objects in the path of your robot which will cause it to move on a path away from the object, whether that is a wall or a piece of your furniture. What this does is move it randomly around the room, sometimes moving over the same area more than once or missing parts of your room. As this is random you will find that it covers your floor differently every time it cleans which will cover all areas over time.

Running a robot vacuum isn’t the quietest action but it usually isn’t as noisy as a standard vacuum cleaner. The good thing is you can plan to do your floor cleaning when you’re not there if it bothers you so you can come home from work to a clean floor. If you have pets though you might not want to do this, there is no guarantee that your pet won’t attack your vacuum when you’re not there or make a mess which you wouldn’t want to vacuum up. If your pet is kept in a closed room then you’re good to go.

How does it all work?

The basics of a Shark robot vacuum are the same as a standard vacuum in that it has a rotary brush underneath which teases the carpet pile or sweeps the hardwood floor to get the dirt to suck into the dustbin. The brush is a self-cleaning Brushroll that has been designed to capture short and long hair and untangle itself so you don’t have to remove it and do it yourself. The brush has a helix-pattern and high-tensile bristles which is the secret of a thorough pickup on carpets and hard floors. It also has 2 side brushes which target the edges and can sweep the dirt and dander into the path of the rotary brush.

The dirt is sucked into the incorporated dust bin which is easily accessed on the side of the vacuum. The filters are installed in the dust bin which not only stops very small particles of dirt but helps to keep the air in the room clearer. Don’t be surprised if you have to empty the bin often in the beginning as these robot vacuums can pick up an amazing amount of dirt, but as you clean more often then it shouldn’t build up as much and it can keep pet hair and debris to a minimum.

There are 3 options to control the cleaning options on the Shark. First of all are the manual buttons on the top of the unit. There is a clean button, spot button and dock button. You can manually start the vacuum by pressing the clean button which will send the robot vacuum to automatically clean the floors. This works great for anyone who has problems with wi-fi.

Alternatively you can download the Shark app on your smartphone and control the Shark robot vacuum from that. You have the same 3 options of control and you also can press on ‘find my robot’ if you come home and your vacuum isn’t on the dock because it can get stuck sometimes.

One of the fun things that work with this vacuum is the voice control. The Shark can work with Alexa so that you set it up, if you have the right device, to go and clean. All you need to do is ask your robot to go and clean. You can’t do chores any easier than that.

The vacuum comes with a docking unit which should be set up in a clear area so the vacuum has the space to manoeuvre itself onto the charging points when it returns to recharge. This Shark ION ROBOT 750 comes with a long-life lithium-ion battery so it can work away from the dock for over an hours worth of cleaning time, which should be more than sufficient time to cover cleaning most of the floor area on one level in your home. Once the battery runs down it will use it’s sensors to return to the dock for a recharge. This vacuum can clean well but the sensors included aren’t the type needed to map the room so it won’t be able to go back to where it finished cleaning when it ran out of power. It can sense whether it is on a step though so it won’t fall down the stairs if you are cleaning on the first floor.

There is little routine maintenance required with a robot vacuum, it requires emptying when it has cleaned the floor and the filter inside the dustbin needs to be tapped clean of dirt to keep it working efficiently. The brushes and wheels underneath just need checking occasionally to make sure that no hair or threads get wrapped around and the sensors can be wiped clean of dust at the same time.


The Shark robot vacuum comes with 9 feet of botboundary magnetic tape. You may have items in your home that are easy to knock over but you probably won’t want to move them every time you clean. The magnetic tape can be set around certain areas or items so that the vacuum won’t pass over it. You can also use it to block doorways if you don’t have a closeable door. You can buy extra if you need more than the 9 feet included. Other things you might have to buy are more side spinning brushes and filters. They should last a while but when they are past their best you can buy spares at or


The Shark RV750 is well priced to capture most people looking for a budget friendly robot vacuum. It is similar in capability to the Roomba 690 and the price is very similar too. It’s always worth looking to see which one is on special offer as one of them usually is. If you want a robot vacuum that is cheaper while being capable of working on all floors and which also has the technology to fit into a smart home then this is worth considering.

Works with Alexa Random cleaning pattern
Cleans all floor types Can’t return to clean where finished
Wi-fi controlled with an app
2.6 inches high
Cheap price


Customer Opinion

Customers are saying that the Shark robot vacuum doesn’t disappoint and gives similar performance to more expensive vacuums. Buyers feel that it is easy to setup and can manoeuvre over different surfaces easily. People have found the Shark quiet to run and does an excellent job of keeping the floors looking good.

The main issues customers have found is with connection to the app although I believe that has improved over time. Some people have also found problems with the vacuum getting stuck and being unable to return to the dock.


If you are looking for a cheaper robot vacuum then check out the Shark ION ROBOT 750, it can clean on a schedule, it can clean all floor types, it’s small enough to fit under low furniture and it can be controlled by an app on your smartphone.There are robot vacuums out there with more features or which can clean more efficiently but you will need to pay more for them. With the Shark you get a good cleaning machine at a good price.

Shark ION ROBOT 750 Connected Robotic Vacuum, RV750


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