Shark ION ROBOT 720 Vacuum with Easy Scheduling Remote (RV720)

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Shark ION ROBOT 720 VacuumAre you looking for a robot vacuum that can give you good cleaning performance but not break the bank? Check out the Shark ION ROBOT 720 Vacuum with Easy Scheduling Remote (RV720), a robotic vacuum cleaner under $300 that gives a similar performance to Roomba 650 for a lesser cost.

We’ll have a look at what this Shark 720 can do, how it works and what it is about it that the customers like because it has 4.3 start out of 5 on

If you’re not bothered about reading a review click here and you can go through to the product page on for in depth details from the supplier.

Check out the Shark ION ROBOT 720 Vacuum with Easy Scheduling Remote (RV720) if you’re looking for a cheaper robot vacuum cleaner that you can set for a daily clean.

Shark ION ROBOT 720 Review


  • An easy-to-use remote to set a recurring cleaning schedule
  • Self-cleaning Brushroll captures short and long hair, dust, dander, and allergens to prevent everyday buildup in your home
  • Smart sensor navigation seamlessly navigates floors and carpets while proximity sensors assess and adapt to surrounding obstacles
  • Dual spinning side brushes pull in debris from corners and edges
  • Long-life lithium-ion battery allows for over an hour of cleaning time

This Shark ION ROBOT 720 can be scheduled but it doesn’t work via an app and it doesn’t work with Alexa, so if you need that level or smart control check out the Shark ION ROBOT 750.

Low-Profile Design

The Shark vacuums have a smart looking silver and black casing with a standard circular design. It’s 12.6 inches in diameter and only 2.6 inches in height so it can manoeuvre well under furniture. There are 3 control buttons on the top of the unit so you can manually start the vacuum, return it to the dock or do a spot clean.

Remote Scheduling

With this Shark ION ROBOT 720 you get a remote control which you can use to set off your vacuum manually whenever you want to clean or you can schedule it to start cleaning all by itself at a set time of your choosing. Using the remote control you can set how many times per week you want to clean, this can be every day or set days. Then you can decide what time you prefer it to clean whether that is when you are in or even when you are out of your home, it will just come out and start cleaning, then return to the dock to re-charge when it is finished. This is a great benefit with robot vacuum cleaners as you don’t even have to remember to do anything except for to empty the bin every day.


To clean your floors the Shark 720 uses a rotary brush underneath the unit and 2 spinning edge brushes so it can capture dirt right up to the edge of your carpets and into the corners. The rotary brush is designed with a helix pattern and uses high tensile bristles which help it to get into the pile of the carpets when cleaning and pick up dirt from hard floors. The brush also has self-cleaning technology so that it doesn’t tangle up with hair.

Cleaning Pattern

The robotic vacuum cleaner moves around the room in a random pattern. It uses Smart Sensor navigation to detect when it is close to objects and walls and will move away at an angle to avoid it. It will work the area randomly eventually covering the area. If you have open doors it will just work around anywhere it can access and then return to the dock when it runs out of charge. If you have a spill it has a spot clean function where it will work in a spiral pattern around the spill for a short time then stop. This isn’t automatic you have to start it with the remote or the button on the vacuum.

Easy Empty Dust Bin

The bin is situated in the side of the Shark 720 and it just slides out so you can empty it. It houses a filter so that it can trap the dust and debris inside the bin. Each time you empty the bin tap the filter against the bin to get the excess dust off it or you can use a vacuum nozzle from a standard vacuum to clean it.

Battery Life

The Shark robot vacuum is powered by a Lithium-ION Battery which gives you a running time of over an hour. The vacuum recharges on a docking unit which is supplied and stays plugged into a standard electrical outlet so that the robot vacuum can detect it when it needs to return.

Bot boundary

A robot vacuum is just that, a robot, and it doesn’t know that it’s not supposed to go somewhere if you have an area that you don’t want it to clean. This might be an area where it constantly gets stuck or around your pet’s food area, so to prevent it from going into places you don’t want it to you have a strip of bot boundary. This is a magnetised strip that you can place where you don’t want your vacuum to cross.

Customer Opinion

The overall opinion of this robotic vacuum is that it cleans well, has a large dustbin so you don’t have to empty it so often. It runs quietly like white noise in the background so you don’t really notice it. You can program it to get the best of the flexibility that it offers. They think that it is great value and it is surprising how thoroughly it can clean.

On the negative side some people find it didn’t clean sufficiently for them, some people found it got stuck too much and for some it stopped working.


If you’re looking for a robot vacuum on the cheaper end of the market then the Shark ION ROBOT 720 Vacuum with Easy Scheduling Remote (RV720) is worthy of your attention. If app control and voice control don’t bother you but you want to be able to have the choice to schedule your robot vacuum cleaner or manually control it then this will allow you do to that.

Find out more about the Shark ION ROBOT 720 Vacuum with Easy Scheduling Remote (RV720) at

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  1. my shark ion vaccuum stopped cleaning on it’s schedule. I’ve tried changing batteries in remote and programming it again but it never leaves the dock unless I manually start it.

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