Samsung POWERbot R9000 Robot Vacuum Review

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Samsung POWERbot R9000 Robot Vacuum
Samsung POWERbot R9000 Robot Vacuum

Are you looking for a low cost robot vacuum? We are going to be reviewing the Samsung POWERbot R9000 Robot Vacuum, which falls into this category.

We’ll be looking at what the Samsung has to offer compared to other cheaper robot vacuums. Whether its a good or bad robot vacuum will be decided by the customer, so we’ll be checking what their opinions are too.

Check out the Samsung POWERbot R9000

Samsung POWERbot R9000 Robot Vacuum Review

As we’re all looking to get some of the latest gadgets for a reasonable, affordable price, we also want to have something that can give the main players like the iRobot Roomba 650, a run for their money when cleaning carpets and hardwood floors. We like this robot vacuum enough to list it on our Top 10 Best Robot Vacuums to buy 2017.

We’re going to have a look at the features of the Powerbot R9000 and explain them.


  • 10X more suction power* – Powerful suction delivers optimal cleaning results
  • Visionary Mapping Plus and FullView Sensor – Creates optimal cleaning path and avoids obstacles
  • CycloneForce Technology – More consistent power with less clogging*
  • Easy Pass Wheels – Large wheels move smoothly over obstacles
  • Combo Brush – Specially designed brush to pick up hair with less tangles

The Samsung POWERbot R9000 has great suction power for a little robot vacuum, it’s 10 times more powerful than 2 previous Samsung models, but that hasn’t meant that it’s loud. On some models, as the suction goes up so does running noise level, but not on the powerbot R9000, it’s quiet enough not to be too distracting. There are 2 suction modes, normal and turbo.

This robot vacuum has an on board digital camera and smart sensors which allows it to map the room and avoid obstacles, and when you see this vacuum in action, it’s amazing how it works its way around  obstacles but still manages to work to it’s efficient cleaning pattern, moving back and forth, rather than a random pattern, and that means that it gets through its cleaning job quicker.

The dust collecting container has a large capacity, this means the robot vacuum can clean for longer without having to be emptied. Samsung have their CycloneForce Technology applied in this vacuum which means that the dust is stored in the outer part of the container so that it doesn’t clog up the filter and affect the suction. Anything that makes cleaning less hands on is a winner in my book. The filter is also cleanable in running water, so less cost for parts.

The Samsung POWERbot R9000 has what are called Easy Pass Wheels, which are large enough to get over obstacles on the floor and easier for it to transition between different floor coverings, hardwood, carpet or tile.

This robot vacuum has a D shape similar to the Neato Botvac D5. This allows the brush to be placed along the straight edge giving you a 12 inch brush, the shape also helps getting into corners. The combo brush that’s fitted is designed to allow it to pick up hairs without it getting all tangled up.

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The Robovac also comes with a remote control which allows you to direct it where you want it to start if you want it to clean somewhere specific, or you can tell it to go back to base. The base is the docking unit where the robot vacuum charges up and should be switched on all the time so you vacuum can get back to it to re-charge. It takes approximately 4 hours to charge the robot vacuum up and it will run for about an hour before needing to re-charge.

There are 3 cleaning modes on the Samsung Robovac, the automatic mode which will clean the entire area it has access to until it has fully completed the area or it runs out of battery charge. There is the spot clean which will clean in a spiral motion in about a 5 foot square area, you will need to set the vacuum in the centre of the area you want to clean. There is also a manual mode where you can use the remote control to direct the robot to clean where you want it to.

To summarise, the Samsung POWERbot R9000 Robot Vacuum has a lot of good features, strong suction, efficient cleaning and obstacle mapping, large dust collector with washable filter, it also has a remote control. What it doesn’t have is the option to schedule cleaning time while you are away from home, so you need to take that into account if you are interested in this robot vacuum.

Customer Opinion

The most positive feedback on the Samsung POWERbot R9000 is the quietness of the motor and the power of the suction.

It works efficiently around the room and doesn’t get hooked up very often

Easy to empty the box and to clean the filter.

Some of the negatives are the height of the Powerbot which is 5.3 inches tall so it doesn’t fit under some furniture that others like the Eufy Robovac 11 at 3.1 inches can manage.

It doesn’t have a side brush which would help it get right in at the edges.

Battery life isn’t that great and it doesn’t always move in the most intuitive way


If you’re looking for a cheap robot vacuum that has good suction and efficient cleaning then this Samsung POWERbot R9000 Robot Vacuum will work for you. What it isn’t capable of is scheduling cleaning while you are out of the house, so if that is a must for you but you still want a low cost robot vacuum you might want to look at our review for the iRobot Roomba 650. If that isn’t an issue then this is a perfectly capable robot vacuum cleaner from a well known company.

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