Roomba 690 vs 650

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Roomba 690 vs 650
Roomba 690

Well you’re obviously interested in finding out more about robot vacuums and more importantly Roomba vacuums. If you’re looking at the cheaper versions and want to know the differences between the Roomba 690 vs 650 then carry on reading and we’ll give you an overview of them both and our observations on where they differ.

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Roomba 690 Overview

The Roomba 690 vacuum is a circular shape, 13 inches in diameter and 3.6 inches high, it has an onboard battery so you don’t have to worry about trailing wires while it’s cleaning your floors. The Roomba 690 is one of the newer iRobot vacuums, built on the Roomba 650 platform.


This vacuum has a 3 stage cleaning system which consists of 2 multi-surface brushes underneath and a side brush to sweep the edges and corners. The brushes work together one loosening the dirt the other picking it up and the extra strong suction completes the action. The motor is powerful enough to work well on all floor types. Whether you have carpet or hardwood floors even if you have the added difficulty of pet hair this vacuum will handle it.

The vacuum has an auto adjust so that it can keep the brushes in contact with the floor whether it has pile or not. It also has dirt detect technology so that if there is a dirtier area on your floor where people walk a lot it will concentrate on that area until it’s clean. Although it is circular the angled side brush allows it to clean in awkward places and it’s low enough in height to fit under furniture and beds for more thorough cleaning.


The vacuum has sensors inside it which helps it to negotiate around the area it needs to clean. This helps the robot to identify different objects in front of it so it can change it’s route and doing this it will cover the floor area in a random cleaning pattern. It can manage not to fall down stairs too. If there are areas in your home where you want to prevent the Roomba 690 from cleaning you can use the virtual wall that comes with it. What this does is to create an infrared line, either in a straight line across a doorway or in an arc around a specific area you want to protect from being bumped.


The vacuum is powered by a lithium ion battery which is charged on the docking unit supplied. When the battery drains on the Roomba 690  it will return to the dock to re-charge although you can send it back to the dock yourself with the button on the top of the unit. If it is in the middle of cleaning a room it doesn’t have the technology to return to cleaning again and you will need to start it again when it’s fully charged.

Wi-fi Control

One of the benefits of a lot of robot vacuums is the fact that you can set a schedule them to automatically clean at a specific time in the day which fits in with your lifestyle. You can schedule it to clean when you’re in the house or when you’re out of it. The Roomba 690 will be connected to your wifi, any scheduling you want to set up can be done using the iRobot app. You don’t have to set a schedule you can just send it to clean when you want by pressing the clean button on the vacuum, or on the app. If you have an Alexa device you can also set up the controls on there and ask Alexa to send it to clean.

Roomba 650 Overview

The Roomba 650 is one of the most popular iRobot vacuums, even with the lack of the remote control. The Roomba 650 is slightly larger in diameter than the 690 being 13.4 inches but the height is the same.


This vacuum also has the 3-stage cleaning system, 2 brushes underneath working together to release and sweep up all the dust and dirt and direct it into the suction. There is also a side brush for releasing dirt from areas most brushes can’t reach. This system is particularly good for cleaning up pet hair. The Roomba 650 can also manage different floor levels with ease so it’s suitable for most households.


The vacuum cleans using it’s sensors to locate obstacles and it randomly cleans around the area until it’s covered it all. It has drop sensors too so it won’t fall over edges or down stairs. There is a virtual wall included with the vacuum so that you can shut off areas that you don’t want it to go. The vacuum comes with it’s own docking station so it can be charged.


When the battery runs down the vacuum will automatically return to the dock but if it gets stuck anywhere you can just place it on manually to re-charge it.


The Roomba 650 can be scheduled for a daily clean but it doesn’t have a wifi app or a remote control so all of the setup up is done via the buttons on top of the unit. Once the weekly schedule has been set it will automatically clean at the set time without any other intervention from you unless you need to change the times. You can just set it off manually with the clean button on the top of the vacuum and send it back to dock with the home button.

Roomba 690 vs 650

The functionality of both of these robot vacuums is the same, the Roomba 690 is more of an updated version of the Roomba 650. They can both clean in the same way with the same ability to handle all floor types and deal with pet hair. The main difference is the wifi control and the ability to control it via Alexa devices. There are still manually turn on the Roomba 690 with the start button on the top of the unit but most of the controls have been transferred to the app. The prices for both are similar although you can get deals if you keep an eye out on


When looking for an iRobot vacuum if you have a smaller budget then you won’t go wrong buying either of these Roomba vacuums. It really depends on whether you want something that you can control via an app on your phone or you want a robot vacuum that you can link to a voice control device then go for the Roomba 690, if that doesn’t bother you and you’re happy to have a machine that works with button control then the Roomba 650 will serve you well.

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