Roomba 650 vs 770 – Which is the Best Robot Vacuum For You?

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Roomba 650 vs 770On this page we’re going to be giving you an overview of the Roomba 650 and the Roomba 770, and we’re going to be answering the question ‘Which is the best robot vacuum for you?’.

Roomba 650 Overview

With so much choice out there, it’s hard to know which will suit your needs but the quick answer to the question is, both of these robot vacuums are top quality products and if you bought either of them you would not be disappointed. The Roomba 650 is one of the earlier versions of the robot vacuums from the iRobot range. This is the most popular robot vacuum at the moment and has often been a best seller on I believe this is because it is simple to use but has all the basic requirements that you’re looking for.

Check out what the iRobot Roomba 650 has to offer

Roomba 770 Overview

Roomba 770As the technology improves then you can bet your life that the robot vacuums that are offered are going to improve too. The iRobot Roomba 770 vacuum is built in the same style as all the other iRobot vacuums with a round shape and buttons on top, the improvements come in the form of power and attachments and the sensors which allow better cleaning. Unfortunately this can come with a bigger price tag.

We will be explaining the differences between these two iRobot products and hopefully it will help you to make an informed choice.

Check out what the iRobot Roomba 770 has to offer

If you’re in a hurry, check out our full iRobot Roomba 650 Review here  or check out our full iRobot Roomba 770 Review here.

Roomba 650 vs 770

What’s the same:

They both look almost the same, they have almost the same dimensions, only a fraction of an inch difference. They both have the 3 stage cleaning system, which consists of the side brush, 2 roller brushes underneath and the vacuum suction.

They both use the iAdapt Navigation system to manoeuvre around the room, finding their way around furniture and other obstacles.

Both the Roomba vacuums have a scheduling system, where you can set the robot to clean automatically up to once per day, at a time that you decide.

They both have a docking system, and the robot vacuums can automatically return to base and recharge themselves when the batteries run down.

What’s the differences:

Well although they both use the iAdapt Navigation system, the Roomba 770 uses optical and acoustic sensors so that it adapts to your room quickly, which makes it more efficient. The Roomba 650 just uses an acoustic sensor.

The 770 vacuum has a remote control making it a bit easier to set times when scheduling and to use manually in making the vacuum go to where you want it to clean.

Both vacuums have a filter system but the Roomba 770 has upgraded to 2 hepa filters in the dirt collection bin, which means more thorough cleaning, helpful if you have allergies.

The Roomba 770 robot vacuum has Dirt Detection, it uses the optical and acoustic sensors to detect areas where there is a lot of dirt and it turns on the Persistent Pass feature, which moves the unit back and forth over the dirtier area until it’s sufficiently clean, then it carries on it’s path. Overall it picks up more dirt.

The extra sensors on the 770 allows it to clean more quickly, and it is quieter. It also has an extra virtual wall, that is used to block areas where you don’t want the robot to go.

Who should go for the Roomba 650

If you want to keep your costs down, then the Roomba 650 is the lowest price of the 2 machines.

If you want the basic do it all without any extras, then go for the 650 vacuum cleaner. Just because it is the cheaper option, don’t think it can’t do the job. The 650 is the most popular robot vacuum cleaner, and you don’t get that label if you don’t work well.

The iRobot 650 is a little noisier, it bumps the furniture a bit more and it’s cleaning pattern is a bit more erratic, although functional. If these issues don’t bother you, then for many reasons the Roomba 650 is a good buy.

Who should go for the Roomba 770

If you want more dust filtration, if you have allergy problems then the Roomba 770 might be the better choice for you.

If you would prefer to have a remote control for easier setting, and have a quieter vacuum with a bit more thorough cleaning action then the Roomba 770 would suit you.

If you prefer to pay a bit extra money to get a more up to date product, with an improved cleaning function and filtration, then you can’t go wrong with the Roomba 770 robot vacuum.


The question ‘Which is the Best Robot Vacuum For You?’ was the driving thought in our comparison, but the best is relative to your own situation.

The Roomba 650 is the best robot vacuum for you if you want an affordable version that works well, that you can schedule to work when you’re out and is easy to use. This is also our Top Choice for those very reasons.

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The Roomba 770 is the Best Robot Vacuum for you if you want a more up to date version of the vacuum and don’t mind paying a bit extra for it. The newer software and sensors give a more efficient cleaning system, especially if you have allergies and need the better filtration.

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