Roomba 650 Review – 3 reasons to buy

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Roomba 650
Roomba 650

Today in this Roomba 650 review we’ll give you 3 reasons why we think you should consider buying it. There are many robot vacuums out there, and like the Roomba 650 they can clean well, and with the newer ones, very efficiently too, they can run using wi-fi and you can control them with voice controls but they are also expensive to buy.

If you’re budget limits your choices, you won’t go wrong if you can afford the Roomba 650 or if you just want something with basic controls that can do the job.

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Roomba 650 Review – 3 reasons to buy

Reason 1 – How Simple It Is To Use

The iRobot Roomba 650 is very easy to use, if you didn’t want to schedule it you could just charge it up and press the CLEAN button and it would start cleaning straight away. There is a docking station that arrives with the Roomba which needs to be plugged into the wall in an area that has a clear space around it so that the roomba has space to manoeuvre when it comes back to the docking station to re-charge itself. The cable that plugs into the docking unit can also be plugged directly into the 650 to charge it up if for any reason the docking unit stopped working.

There is no remote control for this robot vacuum or an app that will make it work, although there is the Roomba 690 which has smart technology if that is important to you and it is basically the same as the Roomba 650 with an app, you can read our review of the 690 here.

The Roomba 650 is controlled and scheduled via the buttons on the top of the vacuum. There is a large button with CLEAN on it which you press and set off your machine manually. It will go on and clean without intervention until it runs out of charge and then will return to the dock to re-charge. There are 2 buttons around theCLEAN centre button, one for spot clean, this function sends the robot in a spiral cleaning action to pick up a spill, all you need to do is place the Roomba in the centre of the spill. The second button is a dock button so you can press this at any time the robot is cleaning and it will return to the dock.

There are also 5 other buttons around the top of the vacuum, a day, hour and minute button, a schedule and clock button so that the time can be set on the clock and then the schedule can be set which means that you can run your Roomba 650 without having to press any buttons again unless you want to change your scheduled times. You can’t get any easier than that.

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Reason 2 – How well it can clean

The Roomba 650 can clean surprisingly well for a small vacuum. I know many people will tell you it doesn’t replace a standard vacuum cleaner because it doesn’t have the same suction capability but you will see that that it can run close to the ground, it doesn’t have to suck the dirt far into the bin and it can get to places it’s not easy to get to normally without having to move your furniture, and it can clean on a daily basis automatically so you can clean more consistently.

There are 2 rotary brushes on the underneath, one with bristles and one made of rubber and between them they can pick up all sorts of dirt and debris and they can do it on all surfaces, whether you have hard floors, carpets or a mixture this Roomba 650 can negotiate it and clean it. You might think that its circular shape will stop it from cleaning edges very well but it has a little 3 pronged side brush that spins and gets into the edge of the wall and into the corners flicking the dirt into the path of the vacuum.

There is a dust bin which is situated in the side of the Roomba and is easily removed to empty, it houses the filter which is easily cleaned and can be replaced if required. You might be surprised at what your Roomba 650 can pick up, it’s wise to pick up children’s small toys and bricks beforehand otherwise you’ll be picking them out of the collected dirt.

The 650 cleans in a random pattern and will move into any room if it has access into it, it may also clean over some areas more than once but should cover all of the room eventually. The Roomba 650 battery life is around 60 minutes before needing to return to the dock, if it has gotten too far away it might have trouble finding it’s way home. It’s easy to rescue though and you can just place it on the dock. If you want to keep your Roomba in certain rooms or away from certain parts of the room, this vacuum comes with a virtual wall so you can block off the parts of your home you don’t want your Roomba to clean.

Reason 3 – How budget friendly it is

At this moment in time the Roomba 650 is well priced, which is good for buyers. That’s not to say that there aren’t cheaper robot vacuums out there but a lot of the cheaper vacuums struggle to clean on carpet, some don’t have brushes on the underneath just side brushes and suction to pick up. If you want to see what later versions offer for a bit more money check our article on Roomba 650 vs 770.

Another reason it’s worth considering a reputable known brand is the fact that the standard of manufacture is usually excellent and the parts that eventually need replacing are usually easy to find. All the Roomba accessories, the brushes, filters and the little side brushes can be bought individually or in sets for a reasonable price so you never need to have down time with your robot vacuum and if you purchase your Roomba 650 at you not only have the benefit of the good price but the added security of being able to return it within the month if you aren’t satisfied with your purchase.

Final Thoughts

If you have been considering a robot vacuum but couldn’t decide where to start then this Roomba 650 is a great robot vacuum to try out, it’s relatively cheap for a robot vac, it can clean all floor surfaces, so unless you have deep pile carpets which most robot vacuums can’t handle, you’re good to go and it is very easy to use. If you don’t care about wi-fi or remote controls but still want the benefit of scheduled cleaning then this Roomba 650 would be a good fit for you.

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