Robot Vacuum Maintenance

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We talk about buying a robot vacuum to make your life easier, but what about the robot vacuum maintenance?

It can clean on a daily basis once it’s been set up in the scheduler and you don’t have to think about it, but it’s not something you can plug in, set up and leave alone. Your robot vacuum is going to need some regular maintenance so that it will keep running at its best.

So what do we mean by maintenance?


When you receive your robot vacuum charge the battery for as long as it recommends. When regularly using the vacuum make sure that it is returned to the dock after use and it stays charging till the next use. If it gets stuck somewhere you will need to manually dock it.

Use it regularly and if you have to go away on holiday or you won’t be using your vacuum for a couple of weeks then fully charge then remove the robot vacuum battery while you are away. When you return re-install the battery, full charge up then run your vacuum until the battery is fully drained. Then re-charge and continue use as you normally would.

Keep your robot vacuum in a cool, dry area with plenty of ventilation, follow the tips above and you will get the best life out of your battery

Dust bin and filter cleaning

Clean the dust bins and filters on a regular basis, if you run your vacuum on a daily basis it’s worth getting in the habit of emptying the dustbin and cleaning the filters every night so it can work efficiently when it sets off to clean. If you leave the bin until it’s packed with dirt before you empty the suction becomes less effective.

The same with the filters, you can tap them off into your rubbish bin but if they get really dirty you can use a bit of compressed air or even blow them out with a hair dryer. Unless your robot vacuum states that the filter can be washed them you don’t clean them with water and if they get too grubby even after cleaning then it’s time to buy a new filter.

Maintenance underneath the vacuum

There are 3 areas to be aware of underneath your robot vacuum:

Sensors – There are drop sensors on the base of the robot vacuum and various sensors in other areas like the dust bin which need cleaning. You only need a clean cloth and polish over the sensors to remove any dust or dirt that might have stuck onto it. You don’t need any water, a dry polishing cloth will do.

Wheels – Just like emptying the dustbin you need to keep a check on the parts underneath the vacuum. When it comes to the wheels they can easily get clogged up with dust and hair, bits of string or cotton or other things that might find itself in the wheel wells.

You have the castor wheel at the front which can be removed from the robot vacuum(it just pulls out). The wheel itself will push out of it’s housing and you can remove any hair or gunk from the wheel and it’s housing. The other 2 wheels are attached so you can just remove any hair that’s around them and wipe clean.

Brushes – Whether you have a rubber type of brush or a one with bristles hair can get wrapped around the spindle at the sides as well as around the brush. You will probably receive a small tool which you can use to cut off hair between bristles but a thin screwdriver which you can manoeuvre under the hair will help you get it off. You can also remove the spinning side brush, it is just held in place with a screw. Clean around the underneath of the brush and the area it is attached to with a cloth and use it to clean through the bristles.

Why not watch this video about the Roomba 980 and you can see how easy it is to maintain your robot vacuum.

Clean up before use.

If you go to vacuum the floor with a standard vacuum cleaner you wouldn’t vacuum over your children’s toys, socks or the wires of your tv or computers, you would move them first before you start and with a robot vacuum you need to pick up any items that could get caught up or sucked up into the vacuum.

It’s easy to forget that you have the robot vacuum set up to clean because that is the reason you bought it, so you don’t have to think about it but you need to get into the habit of cleaning up items from the floor so it can clean to the best of it’s ability.

If you take the time to do basic maintenance and keep the dust and dirt out of your robot vacuum you can prolong the life of the battery and keep the suction and filtration working optimally.

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