Pros and Cons of the iRobot Roomba 650 Robot Vacuum with Manufacturer’s Warranty

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iRobot Roomba 650 Robot Vacuum with Manufacturer's WarrantyThe iRobot Roomba 650 Robot Vacuum with Manufacturer’s Warranty is one of the most popular robot vacuums available to buy at the moment. The reason I believe that is so is because the price is very reasonable compared to some robot vacuums, we’ll be looking at other pros and cons like it can clean well on all floor types, it also works well in picking up pet hair.

You can set the Roomba 650 to clean on a schedule which is great if you are busy and would like the vacuum to clean when you’re not at home.

Find out more about the Roomba 650 set it to clean while you’re out

This vacuum can run for up to an hour before it needs to re-charge and it will return to it’s docking station to do that when it runs down. It’s very easy to use and can take away a time consuming chore giving you more time for other things.


Can clean all floor types

One of the main plus points about all the Roomba vacuums including the Roomba 650 is the fact that they can clean all floor types. With some robot vacuums they are only capable on hard floors as they work on suction only or have only a small rotary brush underneath but the Roomba has 2 counter rotating brushes, one bristle brush and one flexible beater brush which deal effectively on any floor surface, the side brush flicks any dirt it finds in the corners or along the edges of the room into the path of the rotary brushes which sweep it into the strong suction, through the filter unit and into the dust bin. If you have a spill the 650 also has spot clean function and if you place the Roomba 650 into the middle of the spill it will clean in a spiral pattern for a more thorough clean.

Can be scheduled

One of the main benefits of a robot vacuum cleaner apart from being small enough to get under your furniture is the ability to clean on a schedule and the Roomba 650 although being on the cheaper side of the Roomba family, has the ability to be scheduled. There are buttons on the top of the vacuum to set the time and from there you can then decide what cleaning schedule you would like to have. You can set the time to clean at any time of the day that suits you, so if you want your floor cleaned when you are out at work then you can set the time for that. You can also decide how many days you want to have your floor vacuumed from 1 day a week all the way up to 7 days a week. What better way to clean your floors than when you’re not around.

Sensors and virtual wall

There are many sensors in the iRobot Roomba 650 to make cleaning your room easily without any input from you. There are drop sensors so the Roomba doesn’t fall down stairs or of a step, so if you want to set it going upstairs to clean you won’t need to put anything in the way at the top of the stairs so it won’t fall down it reads the drop from the sensor underneath. It also uses a full set of sensors to navigate around your room avoiding objects and cleaning as it goes. Your robot vacuum also has a dirt detect sensor which recognises areas of dirt and will provide additional cleaning in those areas.

The Roomba also comes with a virtual wall which you can put across a doorway or next to an object you don’t want to have your vacuum bang into. The wall sends out a signal that the robot vacuum recognises and won’t cross it. This is really useful if you want to confine your vacuum to one room.

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Can bang into furniture

Although the Roomba has sensors to help it recognise objects when it is cleaning it does tend to bang into the object first which some people find is a bit excessive causing some marks on furniture. It also has a strong motor and can push items of furniture knocking it over if it is lightweight. It is definitely required that you let your Roomba 650 do a clean while you’re there so you can see if you need to move items that might be at risk. It seems to cope better with lighter walls and items rather than dark furniture legs.

Mapping – random cleaning pattern

The Roomba 650 will clean in a random pattern around the floor, some vacuums can map the area more efficiently, like the Roomba 980 which gets the shape of the room and cleans in a linear pattern so it covers the whole floor. The 650 is a bit less efficient in that respect as it tends to just set off and using some algorithm moves over the floor with no apparent pattern, it touches an object then moves off in another direction. Overall it covers most of the floor when cleaning although it may cover some areas a bit more often than others.

No wifi connection or remote

The Roomba 650 is controlled by the buttons on the top of the vacuum, this works very well and once you have set up your scheduling you don’t have to touch it too much but a lot of people like to have a remote control or an app so they can use their smart phone to control their items. With new technology like alexa people want to be able to tell it to clean the room. If that is something you would prefer Roomba have created the Roomba 690 which is by and large the same as the Roomba 650 with Wi-fi connection that you can control with an app and connect to Alexa.


If your’e looking for a robot vacuum that is cheap to buy but can do a good cleaning job and is made by a very reputable manufacturer then why not check out the iRobot Roomba 650, it’s easy to setup and use and the replaceable parts are readily available on so you never need to be without it for a single day.

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