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In this iRobot Roomba S9+ review, you will see it’s very hands off and can run for days without even being emptied.

Scheduling to clean is good. What I need to be able to do is clean in a moment if a mess appears, especially by my dogs and their love of shredding paper.

So I need something with an app. Voice control could be more handy and I want to use my robot vacuum upstairs as well as down.

I need to vacuum the floors regularly as I have 2 dogs. Using a standard vacuum cleaner in my house is just physically hard for me. It’s also time consuming, so I need an alternative or I’m going to have to live with a messy looking floor

There is a newer type of robotic vacuum evolving which makes cleaning much easier. You can now identify rooms so you can choose where you clean. Link that to the timing options so you can choose when to clean and you’re set.

Things to consider before buying a voice controlled robot vacuum

Do you have an issue with lack of time to keep up with your chores? If you want something that can do them for you smart home technology can help. Once set up there is very little input from you.

These vacuums with wi-fi and voice capability help to automate a time consuming chore. Use them whether you’re at home or not. This is perfect if you”re like me and want to make the chore easier. Now you can spend the time you would use up vacuuming on something more important to you.

This type of cleaner is perfect if you don’t mind spending a bit of extra money on it to keep your floors clean. It’s the latest in technology so will also appeal to techie people out there who love their gadgets. It’s especially useful for people who have pets that shed who feel they’re forever trying to clean the hair up.

There is a higher price for this high end type of product but there are lower priced alternatives out there. iRobot have the Roomba 960 which can still map out a room and clean it well but will need to you empty it manually.

If having voice control is important to you then you need the right equipment. You might have to buy a voice device to use that function which might mean an extra cost. Buying extra dust bags to use in the clean base is another.

You also need to be aware that this Roomba might not be able to get to every area in your house. You will occasionally need to get out your standard vacuum to get those areas.

Roomba s9+

This new Roomba S9 robot vacuum can empty itself when the bin is full. It keep everything contained so less particles of dust or allergens can get back into the air. It uses the latest sensors to work out the shape of your room and the objects in it so that it can clean around them.

It comes with the robot itself and the clean base with a spare corner brush and filter. I’d now put it as the new market leader ahead of iRobot’s earlier version Roomba i7+.

They both offer automatic dirt disposal but this S9 is now a different shape. This D-shape takes advantage of the perfect edge technology. They have also improved the mapping function to identify your home by room. This can give much more flexibility when cleaning.


  • Wall hugging feature
  • Holds 30 bin fulls of dirt in the bag
  • Imprint smart mapping, clean by room
  • Extra suction compared to previous models
  • Can sync to robot mop


  • Expensive
  • Still requires virtual wall barrier, cant be set on the map
  • Can be noisy especially on hardwood floors
  • Some glitches and time taken to create map of floors


New shape

Every iRobot version has been designed with a circular body until this new S range which has incorporated the D-shape used by Neato and Samsung. The benefit of this shape is that it can incorporate the wider rubber brushes underneath to pick up more dirt at one time with less passes required. The dustbin is now located in the top of the unit for easy access for you to clean or change the filter.

Sealed Clean Base

In the box is the sealed clean base which uses automatic dirt disposal to suck the debris out of the dustbin and into a collection bag within the base without any of it getting into the air. This makes it easier for people suffering from any kind of allergies to clean it out.



App and voice control

You can send this vacuum out to clean by just pressing a button on the top but the main way to get the best out of all of the options available is to use the iRobot home app on your phone. Schedule cleaning, set it to create a map and it will improve on it over the next few cleans until it gives you the option to name the rooms.

Once that is done you get the chance to schedule it to clean the whole floor or just the rooms you need. You can even set up voice and ask Alexa to clean the kitchen or any other specific room if needed. This is great if you spill something and need to clean immediately.

Imprint Link Technology

Looking to the future, iRobot have also released the new iRobot Braava jet m6 robot mop which can be linked to the S9+ so that you can have your floor vacuumed then it will send a signal to the mop that it is finished and it can then go and mop the floor. Now you can have your floors vacuumed and mopped by the Roomba S9 and Braava even if you’re not there.


Improved suction

This vacuum will clean all floor types with improved suction which is now 40 times more powerful than the old 600 series of robots. You can choose if you want it at full suction or run it on the quiet mode. It will automatically boost on carpets.

The spinning edge brush is angled to get right into the corners and the sensors force the vacuum to hug the walls to makes sure they are cleaned. No more dust bunnies hiding in the corners.

The robot will follow the map until it has finished cleaning then return to the dock to recharge. If the dustbin fills up before it’s finished cleaning it will return to the dock for it to do its magic automatic dirt disposal then return to cleaning where it left off.

It will do the same if it runs out of charge. The benefit of this is that you can let it run for days before the dust bag in the base is full and you shouldn’t need to touch it until then.

The software allows you to store more than 1 map so you will be able to clean upstairs and store a map for that too.

You don’t have the option for adding virtual walls to the maps but you can still use this vacuum with the dual mode virtual wall barrier that works with the iRobot range.

young woman sitting on floor with vacuum

Alternative Choices

If you’re still not sure whether the S9+ is the right tool for you then why not check out these alternatives for comparison.

Neato D7 Connected

This is the top of the range Neato robot vacuum. The D7 offers you laser mapping which can identify your room or the whole level of your house and store that on the home app. The way this differs is it has no-go lines which you can draw on the map yourself to cut off parts of your house you don’t want the vacuum to visit.

It’s a D-shape with corner clever technology which lifts and moves it around to get into corners which is a little bit different to the way the S9+ handles corners. It holds a reasonable amount of dirt and has an ultra performance filter but it has to be emptied fairly regularly and can’t compete with being able to empty itself. If you want a lot of features but want to pay less money see here

Roomba 960

This Roomba 960 is a cheaper iRobot alternative but still offers a good range of features. You still get the room mapping function but it can’t identify the rooms separately. It works on all types of flooring although it hasn’t got suction as powerful as the S9+.

It’s circular in shape with a side brush but has to be emptied after use. It can clean efficiently, has dirt detection and can recharge before resuming vacuuming if it runs out of charge before it’s finished. If you like the iRobot make but don’t need the most up to date version then see here.

Tesvor X500

If you’re not looking for the most powerful vacuum, especially if you have a hardwood floor or thin carpets then the Tesvor X500 might suit you.  It has a circular body, very slim and fits easily under furniture. It also works with an app and links to Alexa.

It uses gyroscope technology to map the room before it cleans although it can’t hold onto the map and has to re-scan every time. Because of this it can’t return to where it left off if it runs out of charge but it will return to the dock to recharge. It does have suction boost but isn’t quite as sophisticated as the others. It is very affordable though, see here.


In this iRobot Roomba S9+ review it shows it has the latest in technology and leads the way on features. If you have limited time and want the convenience of cleaning without the worry of constantly having to check and empty it, this will be right up your street. If you struggle to lift or manage a standard vacuum this is a great alternative without having to lift it. The room identification on iRobot home is a great solution for heavy use areas which need more regular cleaning without having to do the whole house every time.

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