iRobot Roomba 770 Review – reasons to buy

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iRobot Roomba 770 Review
iRobot Roomba 770

If you are ready to buy a robot vacuum cleaner and you’re wanting a iRobot Roomba 770 review we thought we would put together a list of reasons why you might find that this Roomba 770 robot vacuum could be the right one for your home. Depending on the criteria you are using to make your decision hopefully we will cover that in our reasons.

If the price is the first and foremost driving factor then you will find that this is not the cheapest Roomba out there, the Roomba 650 or the Roomba 690 can fit that bill, but if it’s not your deciding factor then you may be looking at what it can offer in terms of cleaning first to see if it will suit your home.

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Reasons to buy

If you have pets the cleaning system in the Roomba 770 is very good for picking up pet hair and dander and the hepa filter helps to clean the air. Setting the schedule to clean daily can reduce the amount of hair in your carpets as it doesn’t give them time to work down into the pile and if you have hardwood floors you won’t have a build up of the dreaded dust bunnies.

Cleans all floor types

The iRobot cleaners are very good for cleaning all floor types, so no matter if you have carpets, hardwood floors or a mixture of both. The transition between different floor types isn’t an issue and the 770 can manage up and down on rugs too. Really deep pile carpets aren’t really good for robot vacuums as they have problems negotiating the pile but any other type should be no problem.

Longer lasting battery

The Roomba 770 has a longer lasting battery, the normal runtime on a Roomba 650 is around 60 minutes and for the Roomba 770 the runtime is around 90 minutes on a full charge. The benefit of this is the capability of covering a larger area. The Roomba 770 has a more random pattern of cleaning and it will just keep cleaning until it runs out of charge then it will run back to the dock to be re-charged.

Cleaning System

The Roomba 770 uses the 3-Stage Cleaning System, what this consists of is the rotary brush system underneath, 2 brushes one with bristles to collect all the dust, debris and pet hair and the other which is a rubber agitator which beats up the dust for collection. There is a side brush which also helps in moving the dirt from the base of the walls and in the corners into the path of the brush system. The vacuum suction is the last part of the clean up, strong enough to pick up most debris.

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Dirt Detect Series II

The Roomba 770 includes the Dirt Detect Series II sensor, what this does is detect any areas that have more than normal dirt and it sends the vacuum over the area in a manner much like the way we would go over an area ourselves. This is really helpful if you have pets that track in dirt as it clears it up before it has a chance to work itself into the fibres.

iAdapt Navigation

The iAdapt Navigation is the group of sensors used to be able to move around your home and detect any obstructions in the way. It can deal with the furniture in the room and detect drops so that it can’t fall down the stairs.

Hepa Filter

This vacuum is one of the Roomba models with hepa filter system, this Hepa filter can filter out the smallest of particles which makes breathing easier for anyone with allergies. The filters are located inside the dustbin which has a sensor to let you know when it is full and needs emptying. The hepa filters can easily be replaced with spares available from


The Roomba 770 robot vacuum cleaner comes with 2 lighthouse beacons, which have a dual function as they can also be used as a virtual wall. The lighthouse beacons can be placed in the doorway of the rooms you want to clean and what it will do is confine the Roomba to clean the room as a single room before moving onto the next. You can switch the function over to the virtual wall and stand the lighthouse in a doorway to stop the robot from getting through or use it to limit where it can go within a room if you have items you want to protect or areas like your pets areas which you would rather the robot vacuum stayed away from.

Remote control

Some people would prefer to have a remote control as they find it easier to use for planning your weekly schedule, setting the clock or just setting off the cleaning manually. The Roomba 770 comes with a remote control, you can use it to set your vacuum to clean if you aren’t interested in setting a cleaning schedule, you can also use it to guide your Roomba to an area that has a spill and set it to spot clean. The remote is best though for setting up your schedule for cleaning, it’s easy to set the time on your machine and then once you have decided when you would like it to clean you can set that up by day. You don’t have to clean every day or at the same time, you can set up to suit your own personal needs.


This iRobot Roomba 770 Review goes to show all the great features available in this robot vacuum cleaner which give good reasons to consider it. If you want to read a comparison check out the Roomba 770 vs 650. All in all we believe if you have a chance to buy a Roomba 770 we would definitely recommend you go for it.

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