How A FullView Sensor Can Save Your Chair Legs

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Have you been reading reviews for robot vacuums and getting lost in the jargon?

When you’re looking to buy a robot vacuum you’ve probably only have a few requirements in your head to begin with, the price range, of course, whether it will clean your floor and maybe whether it can be scheduled so you don’t have to remember to clean every day. Most features after that are a bonus.

Do you realise though that some robot vacuums can be a bit clumsy when cleaning around your furniture? Most have sensors that can identify objects in front of them so that they don’t career into the wall like a racing car into a barrier, but they sometimes have problems when the object is dark or thin like a chair leg. As the design and capabilities of newer versions of robot vacuums are being developed this problem is less likely, but what can you look for to help you identify a robot vacuum that is more careful around your furniture?

Why not consider a robot vacuum that has a FullView sensor?

Let me explain what a FullView sensor is.

When a robot vacuum incorporates an obstacle detection sensor it can be ultrasonic, infrared, or a bump sensor and they detect when something interrupts the signal, but they have a limited, narrow view. This causes a few issues with the robot being able to identify the object either because of the color or the shape and it causes it to bang into obstacles or get stuck.

With the FullView sensor it has a wider range of view which allows it to recognise more obstacles in it’s path and have time to take action. This allows it to slow down and avoid the item rather than bump into it. You will have less knocks on your furniture and even be confident that it won’t push all your kids toys around, it will just avoid them. You will have to be careful to pick up things from the floor if you want the robot vacuum to clean it well, but that should be the normal routine with any vacuum cleaner, robot or standard.

Still confused? This may help you to understand what the difference is.

Which robot vacuums have the FullView sensor included?

The Samsung range of robot vacuums are where you’ll find the FullView sensor because it is trademarked to them. Let me give you a couple of examples so you can check them out for yourself.

Samsung POWERbot R9350 Turbo Robot Vacuum

The POWERbot R9350 is the latest version of robot vacuums by Samsung. They have really given you everything in this robot vacuum and it includes the FullView sensor to protect items in your home from being battered by the vacuum as well as visionary mapping. The mapping is done using the digital camera on the top of the vacuum which can identify the walls, furniture and stairways so it can work out the best way to clean the area.

The other thing Samsung do well is the suction power included in these small cleaners that can suck up dirt almost as well as a standard vacuum and with more power than in most robot vacuums on the market. This can keep your carpets and floors clean with no problem and you can choose whether you run it on the highest suction, medium or low depending on your floor type and how dirty it is.

You can control this vacuum with an app on your phone, or using the remote control that come with it. The R9350 also works with Alexa so you can ask it to clean when you need it to.

This is the new model by Samsung and that is reflected in the price, but if you don’t mind paying a bit extra then why not check it out.

Samsung POWERbot Star Wars Limited Edition – Darth Vader

This POWERbot Star Wars Limited Edition – Darth Vader is what I call a fun way to clean your home. It has sound effects built in so you can clean your home with Darth Vaders heavy breathing and other phrases which is great for any Star Wars fan. It’s not just commentary because this vacuum still offers you full room mapping and the FullView sensor to give you efficient cleaning while negotiating your furniture.

Apart from looking like a Darth Vader helmet it still offers good suction to clean your floors and it can work with Alexa as well as Google-Assistant. Samsung not only give you a D-shaped vacuum with a long brush at the straight edge it has a specific edge cleaning system which extends a long plastic edge bar that positions itself right at the edge of the carpet and scoops the dirt right into the suction. It’s a very clever machine.

Samsung POWERbot R9000 Robot Vacuum

For a cheaper version that still includes the FullView Sensor then you might want to check out the Samsung POWERbot R9000 Robot Vacuum. As this is an older version it doesn’t have as much suction as the other 2 options above but it’s still good enough to handle carpets and hardwood floors and gives you the option to have normal or turbo suction depending on what you need. You also get room mapping with onboard cameras which isn’t always available on cheaper models of robot vacuums.

Samsung keep the suction good because they have something called CycloneForce technology which moves the dirt into an outer chamber or the dustbin keeping the suction clear and strong. You do get a remote control to send it to clean but there is no wifi or voice control available with this model, you also don’t get any ability to schedule cleaning. If these things don’t bother you too much then it’s definitely worth a look.


If you’re worried about having a robot vacuum that isn’t too careful around your furniture then check out these 3 vacuums that offer FullView sensors which help with avoiding obstacles in their path and they all have full room mapping for the most efficient cleaning. Using these vacuums you will be able to offload this time consuming chore and have more time for other things of importance.


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