Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 30C Review

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If you’ve been thinking about buying yourself a little help in the home for your own Christmas present to yourself then you might be interested in the Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 30C.

If you look at your floors and despair of ever keeping them clean then a robot vacuum is an investment in time that is worth considering. To be able to just ask your RoboVac to go and clean or set it up to clean automatically every day if you want leaves you time for other things.

I have a dog and my floor always seems to be covered in bits so a robot vacuum on a scheduled clean makes the floor look tidy and me feel like I’m coping with the housework.

So what does the Eufy have to offer?

Robovac 30C Design

Eufy have updated their latest robot vacuum to allow it to connect to wi-fi so you can use an app on your smartphone to control it. It can also be linked to an Alexa voice device or Google Assistant so that it can be sent to clean whenever you ask. For many people this is important as we move closer towards more automatically controlled homes.

The circular design is not new in the world of robot cleaners and with a 12.8 inch diameter it’s within the average size you would expect. Where it excels is in the height which stays below 3 inches, 2.85 to be exact allowing it under lower gaps in the furniture to clean.

In comparison to the Roomba 690 which is 3.6 inches, this can make a difference. If you have large pieces of furniture that you can’t move easily with a gap of 3 inches or more you will be able to clean underneath, but you’ll have to make sure that there aren’t any wires or things under there that can get sucked into your robot vacuum before you let it loose.

Eufy started off with it’s first models only being able to clean thin carpets as well as hard floors but it has now improved it’s design and suction power to handle up to medium pile carpets. The suction it uses doesn’t make it too loud though, at 55 decibels it’s between the loudness of conversation at home and conversation in a restaurant which is the type of background noise that can easily be tolerated.

How it works

When you receive your Eufy vacuum you will find in the box a docking station which is used to charge up the robot vacuum. This not only keeps it ready to clean whenever you need it but gives it a place to return for recharge when it runs out of power.

One of the most useful things about a robotic cleaner is the fact that you are not tethered to a cable so it can move around without getting tangled up, that is unless you forget to clear any trailing cables from your electrical items.

You have a choice of how you want to send your vacuum to clean,

  • The remote control – if you don’t want to use wi-fi or have connection problems.
  • The app on your phone – use to manually send your vacuum to clean or can allow you to set a schedule so that you can have automatic cleaning whenever you want it to.
  • Ask Alexa to send it to clean.

You have around 100 minutes of cleaning time for it to cover the floors although this can vary depending on your flooring. This vacuum cleans in a random fashion with the sensors detecting objects in its path and forcing it to change direction to avoid them.

Overall it moves around the room, criss crossing around the floor till it runs out of charge. This RoboVac 30C is clever enough to detect carpet areas and will boost the suction to give you a better clean but you need to realise that this will affect the amount of runtime if you have a lot of carpet area. Some people have said that they have had less than an hour of clean time so it is subjective to your home layout and flooring.

The sensors will detect when it needs to recharge and send it back to the docking unit. It has no room mapping capabilities so it won’t be able to return to where it finished to carry on cleaning.  You can send it out to clean again but it will just start back at the beginning.

You can close it in a room to limit where it goes and you do have a magnetic strip that you can use to restrict where you want your robot vacuum to go.

The Eufy robovac has a bagless dustbin which is easily accessed to empty. There is a filter within it that stops the dust getting back into the air so you’re not stirring up dust when you vacuum.

How the Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 30C Cleans

There is a brush underneath the Eufy 30C that sweeps up the dirt and pet hair from the floor and there are also 2 side brushes which can get into the awkward places around the legs of furniture and edges of carpets.

The suction required on hard floors is less than what is required on carpets and the BoostIQ on the robovac adjusts the suction automatically depending on what your floor covering is. All you need to do in regards to the cleaning is to make sure you have nothing on the floors that will cause a problem. It’s always worth watching the first cleaning session and becoming aware of any areas of concern so that you can have it sorted for the future.

Unless you tell it differently the vacuum will use the ‘autoclean’ function to clean your home but you do have the option of ‘edge clean’ which will find an edge in the room and then follow it for around 20 minutes. This is probably the hardest areas for a robot vacuum to access and clean so a function that focuses on that area, whenever you feel it necessary, is good.

If you have a spillage you can place your vacuum in the centre of it and choose the ‘spot clean’ mode which will run for around 2 minutes in a spiralling motion to pick it all up.

Finally you have the chance of a ‘quick clean’ which will run for 30 minutes and then head back to base. This is good if you just want to shut your vacuum in one room and know it’s only going to run for a short while.

You can use your robot vacuum when you are at home or when you are out of it as you can set it for an automatic start on a daily basis or start it from your phone using the EufyHome app. It’s not too noisy so it probably won’t bother you too much if you are at home but you might have to see how your pets deal with it moving around.

Use the magnetic strip if your vacuum gets stuck on rugs or under cupboards as you can lay it underneath. This means that you have more chance of your robot getting back to the docking unit for recharge. If it gets lost or stuck somewhere you will be able to find it using the find button on the app. You can also ask Alexa or Google to find your robot and it will emit a beep.

Routine maintenance

There is a small amount of maintenance to be done to keep your Eufy BoostIQ 30C in good working order. Every time you send it to clean whether manually or on a schedule you will need to check the dustbin and empty it.

If you struggle to remember these things then make a part of your bedtime routine, lock the doors, check the rooms and empty your vacuum. It’s quick and easy to tip the dirt into your house rubbish bin and tap the dust off the filter. Now your robot vacuum is always ready to clean up a spill or for a scheduled clean.

On a weekly basis check the wheels and brushes underneath to make sure there is nothing wrapped around the wheels or hairs wrapped around the brushes which might need cleaning out.

Once a month clean the sensors underneath and the charging points with a dry cloth. None of these things will take you more than a few minutes, making it relatively hands free most of the time.


When you buy your Eufy vacuum you will receive in the box an extra 2 spinning side brushes and an extra set of filters to swap out when required. Spares can be picked up from if you need extra filters or brushes. These might be the only extras you need to buy over time.

You also get magnetic strips, 2 lots which are 6 feet long and some adhesive strips to be able to stick it into place. You can buy more if you find that you need extra.

Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 30C Price

This robot vacuum has been priced similar to the Shark Ion 750 and the Roomba 690 which offer similar features.

It’s a reasonable price, in my opinion, for what it offers and if you don’t want the wi-fi option you can buy the Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 30 which works with a remote control only for a cheaper price.

When you buy robot vacuum cleaners you will need to buy more filters and this is no different but you can get them online for a good price.

It’s always worth checking prices around Black Friday and other holiday times as you can often pick up a robot vacuum at a bargain price.

Quiet Automatic increase in suction on carpets
Low Price Can run out of power quickly
Low Price
Works with Alexa and Google
Automatic increase in suction on carpets

Customer Opinion

The Eufy is getting good reviews from customers. They like the fact that they can link to voice control and that this RoboVac 30C is quiet when cleaning. This is definitely a plus for buyers and they are satisfied with the cleaning capability even though the vacuum can’t return to clean where it left off when it runs out of charge.

People are finding that if they close the vacuum into a room they get a good clean quite quickly although that requires a little more management. Some users have found that the robot has trouble getting back to the dock. It seems to have trouble finding the signal and then gets stuck places. You can easily put it back on the dock to charge it back up but it is worth trying the dock in different places to see if you get better results.


If you’re looking for a robot vacuum that is in the cheaper price range then this 30C can offer as many features as other options. It does have a more basic random cleaning pattern but if that isn’t a problem for you this could be a good choice.

Don’t buy this if you’re looking for something a bit more advanced. Laser mapping or on board cameras that can track where the robot vacuum has cleaned will probably mean you have to pay more money.  If you check the Neato range some of their earlier versions have laser mapping and are more affordable like the D80.

If you’ve been turning your home into a smart home with voice controlled items then this Eufy RoboVac 30C will fit right in.

Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 30C Review

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