Deebot 901 Laser Mapping Robot Vacuum

"As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases"

“As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases”


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The abilities of automatic cleaners are improving all of the time. This Deebot 901 laser mapping robot vacuum can be just what you’re looking for to take the strain off keeping your floors clean by using the latest technology at a fair price. Ecovacs Robotics have a range of robot vacuums at an affordable price with a variety of features to suit most budgets.


The Ecovacs Deebot 901 is one of the latest models to be released by this manufacturer. It’s a very sleek looking, black, circular robot vacuum with a laser unit on the top which can create a map of the room being cleaned. The size is 13.2 inches in diameter and the height is 3.3 inches, so not the smallest robot vacuum available but not too large for it to manage to clean without having issues.

It has a button on the top so that you can manually start the vacuum cleaning but it does all of the main functions like scheduling using an app to be downloaded onto your smartphone.

It can clean all floor types and manages pet hair as well. There is a white version of this robot vacuum the Ecovacs Deebot 900, the only difference between them being the color. Here’s a quick video with an overview of how they work.


The 901 has the standard 3 stage cleaning system which uses a brush underneath, side brushes and suction to agitate the dirt from the floor into the dustbin.

You also have the option of max mode if you want extra suction, especially on carpets.

One of the different options on this robot vacuum is that you can take out the brush underneath and clip in the direct suction plate. What this does is allow the suction without the brush, useful if you have a lot of pet hair on hard floor that you don’t want to wrap around the brush.

There are sensors included so that the Ecovacs 901 won’t fall down the stairs and can identify objects so it can redirect itself around them. This is made easier with the laser sensors on the top which will map the room before cleaning and identify any obstructions. It will then create the most efficient cleaning route around everything.


This robot vacuum can be controlled and scheduled using the Ecovacs app but it can also be linked to an Alexa device or Google Home and be sent to clean by a simple voice command.

Once you start it cleaning the laser sensor will map the rooms to be cleaned and it will clean systematically throughout the room.

One thing it offers that I like in my robot vacuum is the virtual wall capability which lets you draw a line on the map once it has been created (you need to let the vacuum go through the room mapping first to create the map to be used) to block the 901 from going somewhere you don’t want it to.

In my case if I didn’t use the virtual wall my robot could get onto my fire hearth and I don’t want it to get stuck under my log burner and melt. I could block it but the virtual wall is easier.

The map will also divide into areas allowing you to choose to clean just one area if you want to. Another option on this Deebot 901 is the custom mode which allows you to draw an area on the map, maybe an area that you’ve been working in that has bits on the floor and you can clean just that part rather than vacuum the whole floor.

You can get a good run of 120 minutes cleaning time, which can cover up to 1500 square feet. If that is smaller than your home don’t worry because it will return to the dock, recharge and carry on till it’s done it all.

It’s not too loud, around 69 decibels on max power which allows you to carry on a conversation or listen to the tv while it is cleaning.

The dustbin is located in the top of the robot vacuum and has a capacity of 0.45L which is a bit on the small side so you might find it fills up quickly in the beginning but if you vacuum on a daily basis you should be ok. It’s definitely worth emptying every day to begin with until you can guage how full it’s going to get.


The dustbin houses the filters which also need to be cleaned regularly, the high efficiency main filter needs to be tapped clean into your rubbish bin when you empty the dustbin, it also has a sponge filter which can be washed out if it gets really dirty along with the dustbin casing.

Make sure both are fully dried before replacing into the Deebot. You also need to do a weekly check on the wheels, brushes and the sensors. It’s pretty simple and quick, this video gives you all the information you need.

If you need to buy spare brushes and filters they are easily available online although you do receive 2 spare side brushes in the box with your robot vacuum. You also receive the docking unit for automatic charging and instructions how to start charging up your Ecovacs 901. The normal charging time is around 240 minutes.


If you want a robot vacuum that has some of the latest technology but you don’t want to pay top dollar for then this would be perfect for you. It offers the same features to some of the top rated robot vacuums on the market and it’s definitely reasonably priced for what you get.

Price Creating floor maps can be time consuming
Laser room mapping Small dustbin
Virtual wall barriers  
Clean by area or custom selection.  
Choice of suction with brush or without.  

Customer Opinion

The majority of buyers find that the Ecovacs Deebot 901 is worth the money for the amount of features that it has and they love it. It’s especially useful for people who are short of time. Being able to schedule the cleaning and the fact that it cleans in a methodical way are benefits people appreciate.

Some people have found the original room mapping a bit time consuming but love being able to use the virtual walls to avoid areas which cause problems.


I think that as far as robot vacuums go the Deebot 901 is a good value buy if you’re looking for a vacuum with laser mapping as well as voice and app control. You can pay twice as much for similar features in other brands. It’s easy to use and can keep your floors looking clean automatically with little effort on your part. If you would prefer the same features with additional floor mopping you can check out the Ozmo 930.

Deebot 901 Laser Mapping Robot Vacuum


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