Can using a robot vacuum benefit your health?

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If you are unlucky enough to suffer from allergies or a member of your family does then the question is can using a robot vacuum benefit your health?

What allergies are we talking about?

If you are allergies in the home you will know the benefits of keeping your home as dust free as possible as that seems to be a trigger in setting off a reaction.

What causes this?

Dust Mites

Dust mites are a common cause of allergies. Without trying to gross you out a quick description or a dust mite is a tiny relative of the spider, which we can’t see with the naked eye. It lives in bedding, mattresses, furniture which has been upholstered with material, curtains and carpets. Dust mites unfortunately live on our dead skin flakes (ok enough! I’m creeping myself out here).

So what can you do to help keep dust mites at bay?

Carpets can cover a large area in the home and of course can harbour dust mites, although even if you can vacuum often and you can set your robot vacuum to clean on a daily basis, it won’t get rid of it totally.

It’s suggested that if you can get hardwood or vinyl type flooring it is better for keeping down dust mites. You would still need to keep down the dust on these floors and that is where a robot vacuum can help as it can clean daily, automatically, no matter what your flooring type but it can also get under furniture if the gap is large enough and clean any dust and dirt from there. Many robot vacuums are fitted with HEPA style filters which are recommended when people have allergies. You can also choose furniture that is made from leather or vinyl rather then material based.


Another cause of allergies is pollen in the summer time. You might think that this is only going to affect people outdoors. If you keep your windows open to let the fresh air in or keep your doors open for the kids or pets to run in and out this can let the pollen indoors and create an allergic reaction. Although it’s maybe not as comfortable it is recommended to keep your doors and windows closed. Don’t line dry your clothes as they can collect pollen. Change your clothes if you’ve been outside. Vacuum at least once or twice a week using a vacuum with a HEPA filter.

Pet dander

Our most precious furry friends can contribute to allergies from their pet dander, which is from dead skin cells, saliva and urine. This can collect on furniture, carpets and other surfaces ready to bring our immune system out in force.

Things that can help:

  • Keep your pet out of the bedroom
  • Keep your pet off the furniture
  • Give your pet a weekly bath
  • Get someone to groom the pet outside who isn’t allergic
  • Vacuum often using a mask or a vacuum with a HEPA filter.

What is a HEPA filter?

HEPA is short for “High Efficiency Particulate Air”.What that means to a normal person is that a HEPA filter can trap a large amount of microscopic particles from the air so if you’re vacuum has one of these filters installed it won’t blow the particles back out in the air making your allergies worse.

Are all HEPA filters the same?

True HEPA filters can trap up to 99.97 % of small particles of 0.3 microns and are usually marked as such on the filter. 0.3 is the standard to which all of the filters are tested because most allergens in the home are 0.3 microns or larger.

All robot vacuums have some kind of filter, some better than others, but the more advanced they become the better the filters are. Now you know the size of allergen particles, you can check on any robot vacuum what size particles it will filter and choose accordingly.

Cleaning often is a must and sometimes finding the time can be an issue so being able to schedule your vacuum to clean at a time that suits you whether you are home or not is a definite benefit if it’s going to improve your allergies. Keeping your floors clutter free can also help as it gives less places for dust to gather.

The new Neato D7 has filters that can capture particles as small as 0.3 microns. So if you are looking to find a robot vacuum that can help you why not check out this brand of vacuum. The D7 uses laser mapping so it can clean quickly and efficiently, this means that dust is being disturbed for less time so less can get into the air. It can clean one level of your home easily and works on all floor types. The filter is part of the dust bin and can be tapped clean after every cleaning cycle and easily replaced as all filters can be bought as spares. You will feel the benefit of cleaner air without any extra effort on your part.

Find out more about the Neato Robot Vacuums

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