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Best Robot Vacuum for Thick Carpets

best vacuum for thick carpet

In a hurry? The Neato Botvac D7 Connected is my favourite choice for the best robot vacuum for thick carpets.

Most people choose to carpet their home because they love the luxurious feel of it. It’s warm underfoot and keeps the heat in the room. They might use it to cover a bad floor or have carpets in their rented home and have no choice.

Vacuuming on a regular basis is the recommended way to keep them fresh and looking clean.

Why choose a robot vacuum over a standard?

If like me you have a carpeted home and find vacuuming it exhausting,  a robot vacuum might be of interest.

These automatic cleaners can do the job on their own without you pushing it around. That is a big selling point for me.

Our best choices

Will it replace my standard vacuum cleaner?

To be honest, you will still need to use your regular vacuum for hard to reach spots.  In my case, this is around my tv stand. It’s in the corner of the room with no access around it. But I can live with that if the majority of my carpets are clean with little effort from me.

How often should you clean?

You can set it to clean as often as you want it to.

A robot vacuum has the ability to clean automatically. You’re much more likely to vacuum more often without having to think about it. It’s starting to look easy to keep the floor looking clean without using your regular vacuum.

If you have high traffic areas that need a bit more effort, set it to clean every day.  It’s becoming easier to clean specific areas as newer models improve their software.

best robot vacuum for thick carpets


Will they all work on thick carpets?

Many robot vacuums work on thin or medium pile carpets but struggle on high pile carpets. Some also struggle with insufficient power to suck the dirt from between the fibres. To find the best robot vacuum for thick carpets then there are some features you need look out for.

Key features required:

  • Tangle free extractors
  • Suction Power
  • High Efficiency Filters
  • Large wheels
  • Running time
  • Navigation

Tangle Free extractors

Many of the newer vacuum cleaners have rubber, tangle free extractors installed underneath. These have the benefit of not tangling up with hair. They don’t have bristles that can get caught in the carpet and need less maintenance.

Suction Power

You need good powerful suction to pull the dirt from between the fibres of the carpet where it can settle and makes carpet cleaning difficult.. It can make the vacuum quite noisy and use up more battery power. The benefit of a power boost suction means it picks up more dirt so you don’t have to use it every time. It can affect the runtime depending on the floor type as less power is required for a bare floor and more for a carpet.

High Efficiency Filter

A high efficiency filter traps the dust as it gets sucked up into the robot vacuum. This means it’s not getting blown out of the machine into the air and back into the carpets.

Large Wheels

The best robot vacuum for high pile carpet needs bigger wheels to combat the difficulty of moving. This helps to hold the body high enough to allow the rotary extractor to turn freely. The height also helps to stop it get caught in the fibres of the carpet. The robotic vacuum can travel more smoothly over the floor, preserving the battery life while its using the powerful suction.

Running Time

The energy required for a robot vacuum to work it’s magic over your floors depends on the type of floor you have. It takes more effort to move over carpet and more suction to get the dirt out. Although a vacuum says it will run for 120 minutes its running time will usually be less on carpeted floors. So a longer running time will give you more cleaning time for the best robot vacuum for carpet.


Room mapping is when the robot vacuum uses a camera or laser to scan the room. It will identify the room shape and objects within it. It then calculates how it can clean the best way, covering all the floor it can get to. This way you not only get a cleaner floor but you can get it quicker with less chance of your robot vacuum running out of charge.

Check out this Neato robot vacuum cleaning a thick pile rug


Best Robotic Vacuum for Thick Carpet


No 1 Choice – Neato Botvac D7 Connected

Neato Botvac D7 Connected the best robot vacuum for thick carpets

The d-shape style and bigger wheels let the Neato D7 Connected glide around the room. Add to that the laser room mapping and no-go lines feature and we have our top choice. It allows you to mark on the map in your phone, lines you don’t want the robot to pass

The D7 is the newest design in the Neato range. It gives you a good 120 minutes of cleaning power with a turbo and an eco mode. Whether your home is all carpeted or only a part of it, this is a vacuum for plush carpet cleaning.

The laser mapping function scans the room to map out the best cleaning route and gives a quicker clean. Cleaning carpets uses more battery power, so speed and efficiency counts. This lets the robot clean a bigger area before it needs to recharge. It will do this automatically and then carry on cleaning where it left off..

With a large dustbin it holds more dirt before you have to empty it. Inside is an ultra performance filter that can trap allergens and dust down to 0.3 microns. The benefit of this is cleaner air, making breathing much easier. It includes a spiral combination brush and a turbo boost option for more power if required.

If you’re into voice control, then link the D7 to a voice device like the amazon echo dot or Google home and you won’t even need your phone. To set a daily cleaning schedule use the app, then all you’ll need to do is empty the bin every day and keep the floor clear.

The Neato D7 Connected offers a great deal of features. Make cleaning a thick pile carpet a chore you can forget about.


  • Laser mapping
  • No-go lines
  • 120 mins cleaning time
  • Turbo boost
  • Ultra performance filter
  • Large wheels


  • Price
  • Filter small and needs cleaning each use
  • Gets stuck quite often

iRobot Roomba 980

Roomba 980

The Roomba 980 is a top rated robot vacuum. A higher end model, it has a 120 minute run time and it has 2 power levels so that you can have a higher suction power when working on a high pile carpet.

It also comes with a room mapping function which uses cameras. This is to identify the shape of the room and obstacles so that it can decide on the best route for the quickest clean.

The vacuum comes with a small side brush to get into the edges and corners of a room. There are 2 brushes underneath which are rubber blade types. These work together to lift the dirt from around the fibres of the carpet.

The dust bin is a bit smaller than the Neato. It includes a filter inside which can help in keeping the air cleaner. It only filters to 1 micron so not quite as good as the Neato but pretty acceptable all the same.

The whole iRobot Roomba range works well on carpets as well as hardwood floors. They all have a similar design of the wheels and body. They usually come with an additional virtual wall which can shut off rooms or sections of a room when cleaning.


  • Camera room mapping
  • 120 mins cleaning time
  • Turbo boost
  • High performance filter
  • Large wheels


  • In the high price range
  • Can have problems with dark carpets and floors

iRobot Roomba i7+

iRobot Roomba i7+

The Roomba i7+ is the improved version of the 980. The biggest change is in the charging dock. This now includes a vacuum that can automatically empty the robot vacuum for you.

This means it can keep cleaning for much longer without any input from you. It can clean your carpets as well as the Roomba 980.

The mapping is better. You can now divide the map by specific room. This means you can choose rooms to clean more often.  You still use your phone as a remote control and to program your cleaning schedule. Program and clean your thicker carpets more often than other areas and create a floor plan for each level of your home.

The cleaning power is as good as the 980 but it’s quieter. The most noise coming from the charging base when it sucks the dirt out. It can hold 30 bins worth of dirt in the bag before it requires emptying.

Does Roomba work on thick carpet? Customers are very happy with the results on carpet although not so enamoured with the price. If money is no object it would make a good choice.


  • Automatic dirt disposal
  • High performance filtration
  • Turbo boost
  • Imprint smart mapping
  • Zone cleaning
  • Dual rubber extractors


  • High priced robot vacuum
  • Requires dirt disposal bags to be purchased

Samsung Powerbot R7040

Samsung Powerbot R7040

Samsung have a few different versions of their Powerbots but the price varies. This lower priced R7040 option still offers good suction and good size wheels to let it move easier.

It has 20x more suction power than early models with camera mapping so that it will use that power in the best way.

Easy pass wheels are large. Big enough to manoeuvre over different floor surfaces. It can detect whether it’s on carpet or bare floor and will adjust the suction power to suit.

Samsung don’t use spinning side brushes as they have the edge clean master which is like a scoop. It reaches the edge of the floor and the edge clean bar comes out and pulls the dirt into the suction from the wall.

You can schedule cleaning daily or voice control it on demand if you have a device for it.

It will go back to the dock to recharge though and then carry on cleaning.


  • Visionary mapping and fullview sensors
  • Edge clean
  • Easy pass wheels
  • Automatically detects carpets
  • Cyclone technology for stronger suction


  • Sometimes carpet fibres can get caught in brush
  • Battery Life isn’t long enough

Shark Ion RV750

Shark Ion R75

For another affordable option the Shark Ion 750 gives a good result.

This robot has less features but is still quite capable of cleaning around carpets and hardwood floors.

This doesn’t have any mapping sensors. That means it doesn’t clean in any kind of linear pattern but randomly around the room. With no camera or laser on the top gives it a slim design.

There are 2 spinning side brushes to get into the edges of the room. It also includes a roller brush underneath designed to not tangle up with hair.

In line with its price point you don’t have variable suction and the filter is standard.

This robot vacuum is more basic in features. You still get app control, voice compatibility and daily scheduling. Some people have had problems with the app installation but were happy with the way it cleaned the floor.


  • Affordable price
  • App & Voice control
  • 90 minutes running time
  • 2.6 inches in height
  • Cleans all floor surfaces


  • Trouble connecting to the app
  • No suction power boost


There are so many robot vacuums available now if you’re trying to replace your regular vacuum. Lots of manufacturers getting on board with more up to date features to match the market leaders.

You can get an affordable robot vacuum for carpet that works out there. The price can get quite high with more features. It depends on your budget and what you want to pay.

Out of the robot vacuum cleaners we’ve covered the Neato D7 Connected has everything you need. The price is on the higher side though. It does have all the main features to clean your thick carpets.

On the whole people find the way it cleans impressive. It transitions well over different flooring and covers the whole floor avoiding objects. They love the no-go lines. Being able to choose areas which need to be avoided with a virtual wall is important. It copes well on carpets or bare floor and the clean lines it leaves behind always gives a sense of satisfaction. Like having your own personal helper.

Some people have had problems with the software and some with technical issues. This type of product does seem to suffer from this. Upgrading software is always ongoing. All changes are available for update through the wi-fi connection. You will always get the benefit of the latest upgrades.

The good thing about buying these items from suppliers like Amazon is the 30 day return window.  You can also buy an extended guarantee for further protection.