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Best Robot Vacuum for Pet Hair 2021

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Today I’m going to give you an updated review of the Best Robot Vacuum for Pet Hair 2021 to see if anything is changed from last year with new releases of robot vacuum cleaners.

We all love our pets and can’t imagine life without them, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that they can create a bit of mess and a lot of cleaning if they shed their fur.

When you take on a pet you accept the responsibility of doing everything required to keep them healthy and happy but you also need to make it as easy for yourself as possible.

This is where a robot vacuum can come into it’s own as you can easily deal with pet hair on a daily basis with a robot vacuum without much effort on your part.

Best Robot Vacuum for Pet Hair

No 1 Choice – iRobot i7+

  • Runtime:75 minutes
  • Dustbin capacity: 500 ml + 30x (15000ml) in the base
  • Cleaning pattern: vSlam camera navigation
  • Control Type: Wi-Fi, Phone app, Works with Alexa

When you’re looking for the best robot vacuum cleaner for pet hair, you can’t go far wrong with this iRobot i7+. It has a long 75 minute runtime so it can cover a large floor area, a definite requirement if your pet sheds hair. As you know it gets everywhere.

With 10 x suction of the basic Roomba it has no problem sucking up all kinds of dirt and hair and can work on any type of floor covering. It can also filter out 99% of all cat and dog allergens leaving clean air as it goes.

If your pets don’t like the noise of a vacuum, you can use the app to schedule your i7+ to clean while you take them out for a walk or schedule it to clean in specific areas that your pets won’t be in. It’s clever enough that you can set up specific areas that get dirty quite often, like around your dining table and send it to clean just that small area more regularly.

One of the small annoyances with robot vacuums in general is the size of the dustbin so these newer designs with the automatic emptying capability makes cleaning the floor even easier because you only have to empty it once a month or more depending on how much pet hair it has to deal with on a daily basis.

Read our full iRobot i7+ review here

No 2 – Roomba 980( same as last year)

Roomba 980The Roomba 980 took second spot for me last year and I still feel the same this year. It’s a top rated robot vacuum and I’ve only marked it down because the filter is less good at picking up allergen particles than the D7 with a level of 1 micron. I still think it’s the best Roomba for pet hair though.

The Roomba 980 is fantastic at picking up pet hair though and with a double rubber brush system underneath, side brush and boost control it can handle itself well in the cleaning area whether you have carpets or hardwood floors.

You can also choose whether you want the vacuum to do 1 pass or 2 when cleaning so if you feel that your room is in need of an extra clean you can set that up on the app, perfect for if you have more than 1 pet that sheds hair. This also has a camera mapping function so that you get an efficient cleaning path.

You have a full scheduling option so that you can clean on a daily basis if you require it and any combination in between. You can also set it up with Alexa and just clean when you tell it to. With notifications and the ability to keep track of what your robot vacuum has done it offers you plenty of cleaning power and control to keep your floors in check.

No 3 – Roomba 690 (replacing Roomba 650)

Roomba 690I’m changing my third spot to the Roomba 690 from the workhorse Roomba 650. The reason for this is 2 fold, the 690 is an upgraded version of the 650 checkout a comparison here so it can clean as well and because it’s more difficult to pick up the Roomba 650 to buy although if you dislike wifi controlled home products it is still worth looking out for. The Roomba 690 has been upgraded with wifi control via an app and it can work with Alexa.

This Roomba is very popular and budget friendly so you can have a reasonably powerful suction at a cheap price. It also has 2 brushes underneath which are very good at picking up pet hair and a side brush to get into the edges. You don’t get the same cleaning efficiency as the Roomba 980 as this robot vacuum cleans in a more random mode and doesn’t have as long running time. This will still give you a good clean though.

You also have the option to schedule the vacuum to clean on a daily basis or days that suit you and it’s all easily set up using the app where with the 650 you have to use the buttons on the top of the unit. You don’t get as many features as the top rated robot vacuums but it’s functional and can handle all floor types.

No 4 – Shark Ion Robot 750 (In place of the Roomba 770)

Shark Ion Robot 750I’ve decided to bring in the Shark Ion Robot 750 instead of the Roomba 770 because it is a very functional and cheaper alternative to the Roomba vacuums. Although Shark are newer to the robot vacuum game they are a leader in the standard vacuum cleaners so they know their stuff.

This is a circular type of robot vacuum with a self cleaning brush underneath making it quite capable of dealing with pet hair on carpets or hard flooring. It has 2 side brushes to get into edges and good suction to deal with anything it picks up. It has smart sensors to stop it bumping into things but it cleans in a random fashion like most of the cheaper robot vacuums. It cleans well but not as efficiently as if it had room mapping.

You can schedule cleaning so that you can always keep on top of your floors so that pet hair doesn’t get a chance to build up. It’s also means that you can set your vacuum cleaning when you’re not at home and the Shark 750 also works with Alexa so you can ask it to clean at any time. There’s not a lot to choose between the Shark Ion Robot 750 vs iRobot Roomba 690 so it really depends on your own preference and if you want a Roomba alternative.

No 5 – Neato Botvac D80 (same as last year)

Neato Botvac D80The Neato Botvac D80 is the perfect robot vacuum for pet hair for you if you don’t like wifi and app controlled products.

Don’t think that because it isn’t controlled by an app that it doesn’t have many features because it has laser mapping which means it can clean the room efficiently and return to where it stops if it runs out of charge.

Neato robot vacuums have large dust bins and HEPA style filters making them suitable if you have pet allergies and it helps keep the air clear as well as the floor clean.

The D80 has a rotary brush and a blade brush so you can use what works best on your floors with good suction to give good pet hair pick up.

You have the options of setting a schedule so you can choose how often you clean your floors depending on how much your pets shed hair but daily cleaning makes it easier to keep the pet hair on the floor manageable. The Neato Botvac D80 is reasonably priced and well worth considering if you have a pet or an allergy.


If you have to spend time every day cleaning your floors because you have a pet that sheds hair then a robot vacuum can make your life much easier and give you more time to do other chores or just enjoy your day. If you have some health problems  with allergies then a robot vacuum like our No1 choice the Neato Robotics D7 Connected can help to keep the air cleaner. If you’re looking for the Best Robot Vacuum for Pet Hair

then check it out at Amazon.com.

Find out more about the Neato Robotics D7 Connected 

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