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Best Robot Vacuum For a Large House

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We are going to tell you about our choice of the best robot vacuum for a large house which is the iRobot Roomba 980.

I know you’re thinking that vacuuming the floors in your large house is a thankless task, especially if you have pets that shed hair.

Regardless whether you have carpets throughout, hardwood floors or a mix of the 2 it’s just another chore that takes up your time. Who wants to use up precious free time cleaning floors when there is help to be had.

So what are the features needed on the best robot vacuum for large homes  and why do we think that the Roomba 980 fits that bill? Keep on reading and we’ll explain.

If you don’t have time and just want to read the Roomba 980 review click here or if you would just rather go straight through to the product page at Amazon.com click the banner below.

So what does the best vacuum for big houses need to do?

You need to be aware of what’s required to give you the best clean. You need a good long cleaning time and if your floor is too big to clean in one charge it helps that your vacuum can return to carry on after recharge.

It helps if the best vacuum robot can clean all floor types and if you have pets, picking up pet hair is a must. Read a bit more about the features below.

Features required to clean a large house

Long battery life

If you have a large floor area in your home then you need an efficient robotic vacuum cleaner that has enough juice in the batteries to clean a lot of floor space before it needs to go back for recharge.

Most robot vacuums have a battery life of around 60 minutes which might be sufficient time if the vacuum has an efficient mapping system, but there are other things to take into consideration like the floor coverings as carpet takes more power and suction than hardwood.

So what is the best vacuum for big houses? First of all you need to get a vacuum that can work for 90 – 120 minutes as it will have the time to complete the task.

Picture of a large house-best robot vacuum for large house

Floor mapping

Probably the most important feature you need if you’re looking for the best robot vacuum for large areas is floor mapping. In many robot vacuums there is no floor mapping, the vacuums work in a random pattern moving from object to object so that eventually they clean the whole floor.

This is not always a problem if you have a smaller home but in a larger space including different rooms the random action isn’t as efficient and can miss areas as well as the robot vacuums getting lost from the docking unit.

With a floor mapping capability the sensors check out the room working out the area and any objects in it then it will take a linear pattern so that it efficiently cleans the whole room. Using lighthouse beacons some vacuums can move into different rooms and work without getting lost allowing full floor coverage.

Automatic recharge and resume

The problem with some vacuums is that once they have run down on power they can get theirselves back to the dock to recharge but they don’t know where or how much they have cleaned because they are only programmed to clean in a random manner.

When these vacuums have re-charged themselves they just wait, ready for their next cleaning session. If you have a vacuum with a floor mapping feature it knows what the room shape and size is and it already has programmed in a route to follow.

This type of vacuum is usually the best robot vacuum for a big house because it can track it’s own progress so if it runs out of power and has to go back for a re-charge it will remember where it stopped and can return to that point to continue.

So if it takes 2 charges to cover a large floor area it will still manage to clean it all without missing any parts and without intervention.

Best Robot Vacuum For a Large House

iRobot Roomba 980 Overview

best roomba for large houseSo onto the Roomba 980, the best Roomba for a large house.

This vacuum is the normal circular design which is the signature of the Roomba vacuum. There is a dual brush combo which gives a good cleaning on carpets and hard floor alike and there is also a side brush to manage awkward areas like corners.

Roomba’s of all versions usually have a very strong motor and suction but the 980 goes one step further with it’s 10 x stronger suction and carpet boost function which not only makes it one of the best robot vacuums for carpets but makes it a force against pet hair too.

The Roomba 980 sports one of the longest life batteries with 120 minutes of cleaning power. This can be affected by the floor type and if you use the carpet boost but still quite impressive and gives it more than enough power in one go to cover a large floor area.

The 900 series of the iRobot range have all been installed with floor mapping capability so it moves away from the random clean of the iRobot Roomba 650 and moves onto efficient linear cleaning based on the map it records and can clean with one pass or go over it with 2 passes if you want a really good clean.

This is all controlled via an app with wi-fi control. This can even be controlled with voice control using Alexa. If you have a large floor area then you can be assured that if the iRobot 980 doesn’t cover it all in one run it knows where it has stopped and will go back to the same area after it has been re-charged, making it the best Roomba for a large house.

You can track via the app exactly where your Roomba has cleaned and where is has to go. You also have the ability to set up a cleaning schedule and choose cleaning options via the app too.

The Roomba also comes with lighthouse beacons which can be set up in the rooms which you want it to clean and it will use these beacons to move between rooms after it has cleaned the first area, mapping as it goes.

This robot vacuum cleaner can not only suck up a lot of dust but it also has installed a high efficiency filter which can stop 99% of allergens, pollen and small dust particles getting back into the air making it a helpful tool in the battle for people with allergies keeping their home as dust free as possible.


The Roomba 980 has all the features to make cleaning a large home effortless. I’m really surprised at how easy it is to set it to automatically clean so that you can set it to clean when you’re not at home. Once it starts it will cover a large area and come back and finish if it can’t do it on one charge.

This is a higher priced item and if you feel it is out of your price range you can check the Roomba 960 which doesn’t have as much of a battery life or carpet boost but covers most of the features required too.

Buy the iRobot Roomba 980 at Amazon.com

best robot vacuum for a  big house

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