Best Robot Vacuum Brands

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I thought I would give you a guide to some of the best robot vacuums on the market at the moment.

These are some of the best known top sellers but there are more newer brands out there offering some good cheap options so it’s worth checking customer reviews to see if they might work in your home.


The iRobot brand with the Roomba circular robot vacuums are probably the most well known brand. They have 4 current series of products from the best selling Roomba 650 up to the latest version the Roomba 980.

It was founded in 1990 by Massachusetts Institute of Technology roboticists and they created and released the first Roomba in 2002. They have been improving it ever since but they don’t only have robot vacuums for the home but have mopping robots as well like the Brava 380T and the Braava Jet 240. iRobot offer robot vacuums in all price ranges competing with the cheapest to the top of the range products. have an excellent round up of Roomba robot vacuums.

The latest updates have been to add wifi and voice capabilities to 2 of their popular versions, creating the Roomba 690 and the Roomba 890 to add cheaper versions to the robot vacuums that work with Alexa. You can find an iRobot to suit you no matter what type of floors you have and whatever your budget.


Neato Robotics is another top brand of robotic vacuums which you will probably recognise from their D shape. Neato are known for their connected range and their latest issue is the Neato D7. Neato has been an innovator with the robot vacuum being the first to use the D shape, the first to use room mapping, first to announce wi-fi and first to support Alexa.

They certainly have a handle on new technology and they now are offering virtual no go lines on their mapping so you can draw your virtual wall with your finger on the map and your vacuum won’t go past it. Their cheaper version is the Neato Botvac D80 which still gives you room mapping.


Samsung is well known for their smartphones but they also have a range of robot vacuums that are on a par with the top 2 brands. They have recently released the Samsung POWERbot R9350 which gives you all the latest features including room mapping and turbo boost for carpets.

To compete with the other top robot vacuums they have developed the point cleaning feature which allows you to map the rooms in your house then choose which rooms you want to clean at any time. Samsung vacuums also use the D shape although the design is different to Neato.

They released a Powerbot Star Wars version last year which looks like the Darth Vader mask and has heavy breathing and Darth Vader phrases along with having many top features.


Shark is one of the leading brands in upright vacuums and now they have moved into the robot vacuum field with the Shark Ion 750 being the latest version, offering wi-fi and voice control.

The Shark robot vacuums don’t have all the features of the top of the range products but it is similar to the Roomba 690 (checkout the comparison here) in features and cleaning capability. You can pick up a 750 for  a very affordable price.


The Ecovacs company was founded in 2006 and designed and released it’s first floor cleaning robot in 2007. They specialise in robotic products including robotic window cleaners and robotic air purifiers. Their range of robot vacuums is called the Deebot and they have a range of products to suit all budgets.

The latest release is the DEEBOT OZMO 930 which is a combination vacuum and mop. This has some of the latest features including laser mapping and carpet detection for when the mop is attached so it won’t go on the carpet. The OZMO 930 offers good value on and it’s worth checking if it’s on offer.


Ilife robot vacuums are a company from China which offer a variety of vacuums in different price ranges. The ILIFE has 2 different series of vacuums, the A series which can work well on carpets and the V series which works well with pet hair and has a dual function of sweeping and mopping.

The latest release is the ILIFE V8s which offers laser mapping for efficient cleaning and this has a dual function so can mop as well. This isn’t a wi-fi robot and is controlled with a remote so would work well for people who don’t like wifi gadgets.


Eufy is part of the Anker group which concentrates on providing connected devices for the smart home to make life easier. The robot vacuum that they supply is the Eufy Robovac 11 series the latest being the 11s which has a boost feature to clean dirtier parts of the floor.

It’s very slim and quiet and retails at the cheaper end of the price scale. This is a remote control vacuum and doesn’t offer laser mapping so will clean in a random pattern. The Eufy is a very good budget robot vacuum that can clean well.


Bobsweep is a Canadian company which manufactures the Bobsweep brand of robot vacuums. They make the basic Bobsweep, Bobsweep pethair and the newer pethair plus, the Bobsweep Junior and the Bobipet.

The latest addition Bobsweep pethair plus offers boosted suction power to work on pethair, the option to create 2 invisible barriers to protect furniture or block areas you don’t want it to clean, it can run for 75 minutes and also has a mop attachment to mop as it sweeps. This doesn’t have as many features as the top rated robot vacuums but it manages dirt, has a hepa filter for dust protection and a UV light to kill bugs.


Hoover is such a well known brand for vacuum cleaners and they have now branched out into the robot vacuum side of things. They have 3 or 4 different versions or robot vacuums but the latest is the Hoover Rogue 970.

This robot vacuum is in the lower price range which is very reasonable considering they have installed laser mapping, wifi app control and it supports Alexa or Google Home. You also get the option to use virtual wall lines on the map to stop the robot vacuum going into areas that you don’t want it to.

There are many more brands available but these are some of the main ones to give you a place to start.


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