Best Robot Vacuum 2018

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If you’re on the lookout for a robot vacuum it goes without saying that you want the best robot vacuum that is available for the price you can afford to pay.

So, you know that much but what is it you should be looking for in your best robot vacuum cleaner?

Check out our best robot vacuum 2018 – iRobot Roomba 980

What to look for

You need to take account of a few things when looking for your robot vacuum.


First of all you need to think about the flooring in your home, you may have carpets, hardwood floors or a mixture of both and you will need to ensure that the robot vacuum that you pick will work best for your type of flooring.

Family members including pets

Next you need to take account of the people and pets (if you have any) that are in your family. If you have a pet that sheds hair and leaves you floor looking untidy no matter what you do then you want a robot vacuum that can handle that.

If any member of your family is subject to any allergies you might have to take that into account when looking at the filter systems on the robot vacuum that you want to buy.


You might be the kind of person who likes to go for the best robot vacuum with the most features available at the time of purchase no matter what the cost or you might be on a tight budget but wanting the benefits of a robot vacuum, so you want to get the best you can afford.

Smart Home Compatibility

Lastly you might be into gadgets and have your home set up with smart products and want your robot vacuum to fit right into your set up or you might hate using wifi and just want something simple to use with no fuss.

There will be a robot vacuum to suit you no matter what you want, you just have to narrow down you search. Let us help you by giving you some guidelines in each area.

Best Robot Vacuum 2018

iRobot Roomba 980Although you will get some Robot Vacuum cleaners that are better in some areas than others, we have tried to find the one that is best for most areas as our Best Robot Vacuum 2018 and for us that is the iRobot Roomba 980.

This vacuum offers the best overall cleaning capability, regardless of your flooring or the size of your house. It can handle pet hair easily and fit in neatly to any smart home system if required. It is a higher cost robot vacuum but well worth the money invested. Read our full review of the Roomba 980 or find our more by clicking the link below.

Best Robot Vacuum for Carpets

robot vacuum brushesIf you have a home that is carpeted, fully or part covered you will be looking for a robot vacuum that can handle this. What you require is a good suction capability and a rotary brush underneath so that it can get into the pile of carpet to remove the dirt. It helps if you have a suction boost for extra cleaning if required.

You want your vacuum to be able to move over different floor heights with no problem so it doesn’t get stuck. Having a long cleaning time is helpful as it takes a bit more power to deal with carpets which can run the battery down quicker. To take advantage of this, having a mapping function that can efficiently clean the room in the quickest way can also help, especially as it can return to carry on cleaning if it runs out of charge.

We feel the best robot vacuum for carpets is the Roomba 980. It can move between different floor heights with ease and has a strong carpet suction with a boost for extra cleaning.

The 980 has a floor mapping capability where you can track the cleaning on your smartphone app and set it to clean in one pass or two depending on what type of clean you need. You have up to 120 minutes of cleaning before it needs to recharge and then it can return to the point it finished to carry on if required. It can also deal with a large floor area in a larger house.

If you need something a bit cheaper but that can handle carpets then check out the Roomba 690, it has good suction with rotary brushes underneath, 60 minutes of cleaning, can handle different floor levels and although it doesn’t have room mapping capability it’s random cleaning pattern can still offer a good cleaning option in a robot vacuum.

Best Robot Vacuum for Hardwood Floors

neato d5 connectedWhen you’re looking for a vacuum that can clean hardwood floors, suction is required but not as much as a carpet so adjustable suction is more useful.

You probably have rugs around the place so you need your vacuum to be able to get up and down them when cleaning. A rubber blade or combi brush underneath will help to get up all the dust and dirt underneath.

You might not want the loudest of vacuums as there isn’t carpet to deaden the sound.

It isn’t as much an effort for a vacuum to traverse over a hard floor so cleaning time might not be as big an issue as for carpets but if you have a larger floor area then room mapping, where the vacuum can return to where it stopped, would be helpful.

I would say that because dust sits on top of a hardwood floor and can easily be pushed into the air into the vacuum a good filter would be helpful to stop that. You might even find it useful to have a robot vacuum that can mop the floor as well, there are some good combination robot and mops out there.

In my opinion the best robot vacuum for hardwood floors is the Neato Botvac D5 Connected which is a mid range price and offers all that you need to keep your floors clean.

There is a newer version the Neato Robotics D7 Connected if you would prefer the most up to date version and don’t mind the higher price.

The Neato has a combination brush and side brushes with good suction to get up the dust and a high grade filter to stop it going back into the room when cleaning. It has room mapping so that you will get the most efficient clean with the ability to remember where it stopped so it can carry on when recharged. It can run for up to 90 minutes which is usually enough time to cover most size homes. It’s not overly loud but the newer versions offer eco functions which can be quieter.

If you’re looking for a cheaper options the Eufy Robovac 11 offers a good alternative at half the price, it doesn’t do room mapping so you get a random clean but it can still be very effective.

Best Robot Vacuum for Pet Hair

Neato D7 ConnectedWhen you have got the best robot vacuum chosen for your floor you need to check if it can handle pet hair effectively if you have pets at home.

To be honest most of the newer robot vacuums are coming in with better suction and rollers underneath to deal with pet hair effectively.

Probably one of the other options that might be important with pets is to be able to clean often so that you don’t get a build up of pet hair, so being able to set a cleaning schedule can be very helpful for every day or couple of days to clean.

You might also want a vacuum that has a virtual wall of some type so that you can block off areas like where you have your pet food and water can also be very handy.

Our choice for the best robot vacuum for pet hair 2018 is the Neato Robotics D7 Connected. The D7 offers all of the options that you would find useful including a turbo mode for deeper cleaning. It can map the room to give the most efficient clean and let you schedule to suit when you need to clean. You also have a built in virtual wall so you can draw on the map any area you would like it to ignore. It is a close run thing between this and the Roomba 980 but the Neato has a better quality filter which is at a HEPA filter level and we feel that just enough to beat the Roomba to the winning post.

For a cheaper alternative you should check out the Shark Ion Robot 750, it can clean well on any type of floor surface and has brushes underneath suitable for picking up pet hair. You can schedule cleaning using an app on your smartphone and though it can’t map a room the random cleaning pattern is still effective.

Best Robot Vacuum for Allergies

If you suffer from allergies whether it is caused by pet hair or pet dander, or whether it is caused by dust or pollen you would benefit from a robot vacuum that has a filtration capability of 0.3 microns which is the size of most allergen particles.

Most robot vacuums have a filter system installed, these filters can be cleaned and replaced but not all of them will filter to 0.3 microns which is to the level of a HEPA filter. Although the iRobot Roomba vacuums offer lots of features and they offer good filters, they only filter to 1 micron which is a shame for allergy sufferers.

The best robot vacuum for allergies that we can find is the Neato Robotic D7 Connected which filters to 0.3 microns as well as all the other cleaning features that it offers. It can deal with pet hair effectively and schedule cleaning on a regular basis which would be very useful to keep the air as clean as possible and keeping your floors clutter free helps stop areas of dust being able to build up.

Top Rated Robot Vacuum

When looking at the top rated robot vacuums it’s usually going to be the latest versions as when the manufacturers design their vacuums and add improvements each time they are making them better performing.

When you’re looking the latest technology and best in the field you want the best cleaner you can get and that means the strongest suction, being able to run for the longest time so that your house can be cleaned in one run if the size allows.

You’re probably looking to be able to control it via your phone or even your voice and you want it to be as efficient as it can be so it will have some kind of room mapping on board.

Our top rated Robot vacuum 2018 is the iRobot Roomba 980, it offers strong suction and also a second pass option so it clean over your room twice. It can run for up to 120 minutes so can cover a large area.

The Roomba 980 can be controlled with an app on your phone so you can set up the boost function or second pass and generally keep track of it’s progress as it’s cleaning. You can also set it up with Alexa if you have an Echo Dot so that you can just send it to clean by asking Alexa. It will also work with Google home. It also has a room mapping feature so that it can compile the best cleaning route for your rooms and cover every inch while avoiding obstacles in it’s way.

Other top rated options are the Neato D7 and the Samsung Powerbot R9350 which are both in a similar price range and offer similar features.

Best Robot Vacuum for a Smart Home

The main requirement for adding a robot vacuum to a smart home setup is whether it is compatible to be linked to Alexa or Google home. For a full range of compatible robot vacuums check out our Top 10 Alexa enabled robot vacuums.

There are so many robot vacuums that now have compatibility so it’s worth checking the best for your flooring first and any other requirements you have then checking it’s compatibility from there.

If budget is no problem then the best robot vacuum for a smart home is the Roomba 980 or the Neato D7 as they offer most things you could want from a vacuum including voice control. If budget is an issue and you’re looking for a cheaper option then look at the Roomba 690 which is a lower cost option with a capability to link to Alexa

Best Budget Robot Vacuum

When looking for a robot vacuum on a budget we reckon that you will get the best choices if you can afford around $300. There are lesser priced options available but the capabilities become less as you drop in price.

The best all round robot vacuum for the price or around $300 is the iRobot Roomba 690, it can handle all floor types, it offers good suctions with 2 roller brushes underneath for removing dirt and pet hair. You can schedule it via an app and it’s compatible with Alexa. It doesn’t have room mapping, that is a more expensive option but it cleans with a random pattern and manages to cover the floor while cleaning it well.

The Shark Ion Robot 750 also offers similar features and can also be connected to Alexa. It is still around the $300 mark and is a good alternative to Roomba 690 if that’s what you’re looking for.

A slightly cheaper options is the Eufy 11 which is less than $300 and can give a good cleaning although you can only clean thin carpets with this which is usually what is on offer at a lesser price. Similar is the Ecovacs Deebot 79s which offers a max power option and Alexa connectivity. Both are good value.

Best Robot Vacuum under 200

As you will see there are robot vacuums available under $200 but the features become less and they usually can only cope on hard floors or thinner carpets. If this is your type of flooring then you might be able to pick up a bargain that will work for you.

Our best robot vacuum for under 200 is the IlifeV5s Pro. This is a combination robot vacuum with a mop function. It offers a good cleaning capability, it has suction with side brushes, no rotary brushes underneath and works best on hard floors. It offers a long cleaning time of 140 minutes and can be changed over to washing the floor by changing the dust collecting bin for a water container which fits in the same place.

The mopping head clips onto the base of the vacuum and the water wicks onto it to wet the floor. You also have the option to schedule cleaning but it must be in the vacuum mode without the water tank while on charge. At under $200 this is a great starter option. If you don’t want the floor washing function then check out the Ilife A4s which is just a robot vacuum and it has a small rotary brush underneath for a little more cleaning power on carpets.


In the robot vacuum world there are many options to choose from, it’s best to narrow down your choices by floor type, floor size and budget then choosing the best features within those ranges. No matter what your circumstances there will be a robot vacuum out there for you that can make the chore of cleaning the floor a whole lot easier.

Check out our Best Robot Vacuum 2018 the iRobot Roomba 980 and if that’s not quite to your taste or budget check out our alternative options above.

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