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Linda Stubbs

Hi my name is Linda Stubbs and a couple of years ago I decided to take early retirement and enjoy doing my own thing.

Although I had plenty of time to do the boring chores, the one that always hurt was vacuuming the floor.

Although I’m not very tall I still have to bend enough to make my back hurt so I would put it off till I couldn’t ignore it any longer.

I have 3 vacuums at the moment trying to find something that’s not too heavy and difficult to manoeuvre but it still takes time to get the job done.

This is when I found out about robot vacuums and decided to research a little bit about them to see if they would do the job for me.

That’s how this site began, I couldn’t believe how many different questions I needed to ask myself to find the best robot vacuum that would suit me.

I have 2 dogs and they can create more mess than children. Love the dogs, hate the extra cleaning required.

My mission on this site is to help you clean your floors with little effort, creating more time for other things.

I love the fact that they’re not heavy and can work without any input from me to clean up the dirt.

It’s perfect for my situation, although I do have to get out my larger vacuum to get into awkward areas occasionally.

To be honest, I can live with that.

Articles and Reviews

These are written by me using my own personal experience and extensive research from online sources to put together the information you need to make the right decision.

What’s in it for you

If any of these statements reflect your life and you want a robot vacuum then you will appreciate the information you will find on this site.

  • Do you hate vacuuming the floor?
  • Would you like to save that time to do other things?
  • Do you have physical problems that make vacuuming difficult?
  • Do you have pets that shed and make cleaning daily a requirement?
  • Do allergies mean you have to clean more often?

If you’re ready, read our buyers guide to help you get started.

Linda Stubbs